Blog: March 14. Been chatting with Scott Britnell.

ScottBritnellAndBike_015It’s Sunday arvo and I’ve just returned from a chat with Scott Britnell.

Scott’s building a Husky FE450 with the intention of entering Dakar in 2017. He’s a tough bugger, and I reckon he’s going to get there. He’s sending the bike off to middle east next week in preparation for his entry in the Abu Dhabi rally. Typically of Scott, he’s weighed up all the pros and cons and seems to be very well prepared…except financially. He doesn’t seem to be fretting too much about that, but he’s clearly not secured the financial support he needs yet, either.

The bike is a work of art, especially the nav tower.

ScottBritnellAndBike_003Through various contacts Scott found someone in Greece who manufactured the tower and got it set up. Of course Lee and the folks a Cross Roads Motorcycles in Grafton are lending a helping hand as well.


I still don’t have a bike. The Dominator’s still waiting for parts.

As close as I got to riding this week was to to head into the Coffs Honda dealer and have a sit on a base-model Africa Twin. Holy crap it felt good!

I always feel comfortable on Hondas, but even so, the Africa Twin’s design is beautifully thought out. Compared to other big adventure bikes it feels really slim and compact. And the price is very, very tempting.


I also have the Montesa back after being without it for several months, so I’ve been doing tight figure-8s in the yard and riding along landscape sleepers.

I’m riding the Ducati Multistrada Enduro this week. I’ll let you know how it shapes up in next week’s blog.

Don’t forget the Vince Strang ride is coming up on the ANZAC day weekend. Assuming nothing gets in the way (that means: WORK) I intend going up for at least a day. I hope to see some of you guys there. If you’re there, make sure you come and say hello.

Go here to register and get info:

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  1. Cuppa with the Governor is on the 9th April.
    I’m actually bike-less like you at present Tom, Karen has ridden the DR down to Meg’s & along with Lianni , are attending a womens only Trails Experience course at Port.
    The Terra is stripped almost bare & the Shock is on route to Teknik.
    Darcy has picked up my fully straightened & strengthened F800 from Springwood , complete with a spiffy Wilbers Shock, so we can get it back together this week finally. Haven’t ridden it since the successful assault on Georges Trail in December. Plenty of riding coming up soon.

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