Blog: April 18. The Ramsays live the dream.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning, and I have the Dominator back in the shed.

In a sure sign of aging – me, not the bike – I was appalled at the state of the bike when I picked it up from Dan Vaughan. I’d taken it in there for a small oil leak, and I left the bike unwashed so Dan could see where the oil was coming from. When I went in there to pick it up yesterday I was horrified to see how the bike looked.

Here’s the aging part: I had an hour or so free yesterday afternoon. Rather than go for a ride, I WASHED AND CLEANED THE BIKE!

I can’t believe it.

I’ve never cared much for how my bikes looked. As long as they’re mechanically sound, I couldn’t care less about a few scratches and some mud here and there.

But not this bike. I don’t know why, but there it is.

I cracked a front fairing piece and it’s $423, plus the paintwork I’ll have to ask Craig Murcott to do, but I can’t stand the thought of a crack in the plastics. Aging is expensive, it seems.

So I haven’t done any riding this week.

I was rapt to receive a text message from Dave and Karen Ramsay. They obviously have been out riding. I see on Facebook they were trundling around out west. Dave was on his trusty BMW and Karen on the DR650, which I guess means they’re still having trouble with the Terra.

In any case, the point of this rambling story is that in 2013 I met Dave and Karen on a ride out to Cameron Corner. Karen had an off and didn’t make it on that trip. While we were sorting out how to get Karen and her bike back to Wanaaring, Dave produced some ANZAC bikkies he’d baked himself, and, standing out there in the heat and dust, a legend was born.

Caper2013_209That was the occasion that started a whole series of rides-with-biscuits of various types and even some fairly good-natured competition.

That was 2013. During this last week I received the following pic…

IMG_0020The text with the message read: “3 years on and we get to eat Dave’s biccies at the corner too”

I can’t tell you how much that kind of thing lifts my day. I admire this pair so much. They ride more than most people I know, and they seem to enjoy their riding more than most people I know, too. They don’t hang around waiting for opportunities. They make things happen. I’ve been smiling non-stop on their behalf since I received the text.

Okay. The Vince Strang ride is next up, and I plan to ride the Saturday loop. There are a few going up from Coffs. Marty of course, Craig Murcott and a couple of others, and I think the Ramsays may be bringing a group from up their way (I’m not sure about that). It should be a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. Let’s hope it’s not too chilly.

That’s about all I have for this week. I’ll try and grab a few pics from the Vince Strang ride for next week’s blog. If you see me there. make sure I get your photo!


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  1. I’ve got to admit we’ve been smiling non-stop too. And the biscuits eaten at the Corner taste the sweetest. Delighted to say we made it out and back unscathed. Dave did a wonderful job of encouraging me and cooking his famous biccies. Looking forward to catching up with people at Inverell. 🙂

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