Secret Squirrel update

Secret squirrel has been out investigating reports of abnormal activity near Glenreagh.

There have been sightings of unusually large adventure bikes riding Erzberg-type trails – okay so it might have been a BMW 800 and 2 DR650s on Sherwood Road. But there was reports of loud voices saying, “No! No! No, Marty! Get me out of here!”

Upon investigation today Squirrel did find signs of disturbing things in Sherwood Forrest. It looks like Robin Hood is planning evil things for Marty Hardcore if things go wrong at the Ducati ride he has mapped out. We found this pagan-looking cross/diamond thingy marked out on the ground.

20160613_131949It points south straight his house and has markings all around with Stonehenge-like structures.

20160613_132028If I were Marty I would be very afraid.

And squirrel is asking if anyone has a lower seat for an RMX.  He’s having trouble with his short legs reaching the ground.




  1. Thought the Squirrell was hibernating .

  2. “Hibernating” ?? Is that what they call that now !

  3. keen for a little more “hibernating” myself especially
    if Robin Hood is coming

  4. Maid Marion might be up for it.

  5. You’ve got some good mates Squirrell.

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