Blog: June 20. It’s all happening.

IMG_0011From Cousin Matthew:

Hi all,
If your bike uses the H4-style globe like the Suzuki DR and DRZs, grab some of these newly released globes from your Narva stockist. More light with no extra power drain on your electrical system. Less chance of wildlife trophies with these babies fitted.
Matthew Foster

Geez. I only put the HD globe info up last night to be sure I wouldn’t forget. Cousin Matthew was straight onto me for not posting a pic! I hadn’t even done a blog yet!


It’s Sunday morning and pouring rain – just pouring. Not ‘torrential’ or ‘a significant weather event’. Not yet, anyway – and I’ve done a little riding this week.

First up I jumped on work’s BMW F800GS and went for a leisurely run up to Tingha, near Inverell, to meet the boss and another work colleague. I wasn’t really sure why I was there, but if your boss told you to jump on a new BMW and spend the day riding, would you argue?

It was a glorious Winter day. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too cold, and the bike was fabulous. I couldn’t help but snap a quick pic on the Old Ebor Road.

CongregationVisit_002I was going for the reflection-in-the-water look that Marty HC had taught me, but I kind of cut off the top of the bike.


It doesn’t matter, it was a great day’s riding and Green Valley Farm, the destination, was a revelation.

GreenValleyFarmVisit_013What a perfect venue to hold a bike meeting. There’s some fabulous camping, cabins and facilities there, really clean and well-maintained, and a heap of interesting bits and pieces, including some weirdo animals and a museum. It’s the venue for work’s next ‘Congregation’ adventure-bike gathering in September, and it’s hard to imagine a more suitable place.

Yesterday Marty HC, Gav ‘Men’s Elf’ and myself went for a run around the proposed Ducati course Marty’s been setting up. Marty’s son Tom had cleaned up the GPS track, and except one small section, had nailled it. The small section was an easy one. It looked like someone had built a house where the pink line wanted to go, and we able to skirt around it without any drama. Nigel and Lianni Locke were keen to come for a lap as well, but Nige’s Husky holed a radiator, and when we met at Opal Cove top start the day it was doing its impersonation of a water pistol.

DucatiPreride_015Lianni’s on a 510TE, and while I’m sure she’s a competent rider, I remember those bikes being real muscle machines. Good on her for enjoying a bike like that. Nige had done some thoughtful and eye-opening tuning on the bike, and it looked a snorter.

We headed off and had a really good day, with lots of foolish behaviour and good riding. Marty took us to where Pottsy had found the mini Stonehenge a couple of weeks ago. I forget the significance of sticking his head in the middle of the rocks, but he had some good reason for it.

DucatiPreride_023It’s a great spot with an awesome vista of Glenreagh and its surrounds.

DucatiPreride_020There’s was a little egging on and daring about who’d get closest to the edge. Marty wasn’t keen.

DucatiPreride_022Gav wasn’t either. Naturally, I couldn’t go over to the edge because I was taking the photos, otherwise I’d’ve showed ’em.

Both Gav and Marty posted a few pics and their side of the story on Facebook, so you can have a look and form a balanced view if you like.

The loop is around 140km, and I think there’ll be a few Ducati riders who’ll have their endurance tested on the day.

That’s about it for me with the BMW. I have to clean it up and shoot some pics with it on Friday this week, then it goes back to BMW to be shipped to South Aussie for the GS Safari Enduro. It’s a great bike and I’ve really enjoyed it, but I’m keen to go for a run on the Dominator again. Craig Murcott has it for some plastics repair. It’s such a great bike. If he had it for a year it wouldn’t matter. It’s still be ready for anything the day it arrived back here.

That’s all from me this week.



STOP PRESS: Craig just texted to say the Dominator’s ready! Yee-hah! TF



  1. Tom hasn’t put photo of globes up.
    So here are the details.
    Narva platinum 130
    H4 12v 60/55
    P/no:48542BL2 (twin pack)

  2. Not sure if Boris was wrong about diving head first into the centre to find the holy grail of riding, when I looked around I was still in the same place, or could this spot be it.
    Cute dog matt, not poodle cute but nice anyway

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