Cousin Matthew’s Maidenwell ride

Hi all
On the 28/29th may our group of enthusiastic riders  from various suburbs met up for the annual Maidenwell pub ride. This pub puts on a pig-on-a-spit on the last Saturday night every month, with free camping.
The riders in my group were. Shawty, Spartacus, Branson, Kiwi Pat and myself.
First break was Dayboro bakery then to Kilcoy via the D’aguilar National Park. A fuel top up and we bid goodbey to Kiwi Pat. He was on a motard DRZ. We were hitting the  dirt roads where possible, so he headed home.
Arriving in Crows Nest for a laid-back lunch after some dirt and narrow tar backroads was our next stop. Note: there’s a great little cafe here.
We arrived in Maidenwell in the afternoon in time to set up tents before the sun went down. This was not made easy as a cold, strong wind was blowing and turned tents into kites and the ground was hard as a rock.
We were given warning the barmaids were pleasant to the eye as well, so with that everyone was keen to get set up and and check out the talent.
With this warning confirmed we headed back to socialise with other riders arriving and setting up their kites…oops. I mean tents.
Using our tents as camouflage we kept quiet so as not to startle the annual 5.30pm migration of the species commonly known as the grey nomads.
It’s a sight to be seen. On the dot of 5.30pm they all pop out of their chosen mobile accommodation and waddle in small groups to the nearest evening grazing  area (in this case the pub). A huge feed ,some drinks, raffles and mixing it up with locals and nomads the night for some was a long one.
Sunday morning saw some people looking more bright-eyed then say others. The crisp mountain air alerted all the senses and the sun was a welcome warm up as we packed up our gear.
Brekky across the road at the trading post was bacon-and-egg rolls and coffee.
The trip home consisted off some very enjoyable tar and dirt roads putting us out on the Toowoomba/Ipswich motorway.
It was a fantastic weekend and the Maidenwell pub is a place worth a visit if you’re ever in the Bunya Mountains district.
Matthew Foster
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  1. That explains who owns the other bikes. I did wonder who those rough lookin bstds were givin me and the kids a strange look

  2. Is that ” Old Yella ” in the background Matthew ?

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