Blog: June 27. You want it when?

It’s a chilly Sunday and I’m sitting at home resting. Somewhere during the day yesterday I gave my back a twist and it’s a bit how’s-your-father.

She’ll be right, but.

Meanwhile, I had to duck down to Sydney for work this last week, and as I was driving back on Tuesday night the phone rang. I answered and found a tech from Ducati wanting to talk about the bike he was setting up for the model release I’ve mentioned a couple of times in blogs lately. It all sounded good, so I joined in and chatted away. Then he said, “Okay. We’ll sort it out when we get there next Monday.”

“Oh!” said I. “How come you’re coming up on Monday?”

“We have a model release on Monday. We’ve been talking to you about for quite some time,” came the very calm reply.

“Ha!” I laughed. “You guys need to talk to each other. That’s not until July!” I bellowed, barely able to contain my mirth.

The Ducati guy wasn’t laughing, but I figured he was probably an engineer or something and couldn’t see the funny side of it.

Several phone calls in very quick succession followed, and I was the one not laughing. Monday it is.

So, Friday I picked up the Dominator from Craig Murcott, and, as always, he’d done a fabulous job. The bike looked superb.

DucatiPreride_028All the cracked and fractured plastics had been welded and painted, and the bike was holding its head up high.

I hit the GPS up and off I went.

It all went well for a while. The wild weather during the week meant there was trash all over the place, and the odd tree down, like this one…

DucatiPreride_029I was able to shimmy the Dominator underneath it, so that was no big deal.

Then it was a sizable gum across the road. In the fluke of the century I pointed the Dominator and the treetrunk, closed my eyes, gritted my teeth and opened the throttle. The bike hopped it like it wasn’t even there.


Then I ran into this one…

DucatiPreride_032It took about 40 minutes with the Leatherman, but with a cuttedy-cuttedy, breakedy-breakedy and draggedy-draggedy I manged to clear a nice little thoroughfare.

DucatiPreride_034So the bikes are okay. I don’t know how the support vehicles will cope, but I’ll be on a bike, so I’m alright.

The other cool thing that happened on the day was who should pop out of the single trail but Boris Everson! He was leading a tour through the single track and stopped to say hello. It was awesome to see him on a bike and looking his old, happy, fit self. Great stuff.

So thanks to Marty HC making such an early start on the route, we’re good to go for the Ducati ride any time those folks want to arrive. Piece of cake!

I did get lost trying to find one particular loop. I’m not sure what to do about that. I’ll have a chat to Marty and see if he can talk me through it.

That’s been about my week. I have a story here from Cousin Matthew, and I’ll get that posted as soon as I have a moment, and I also have this from Ramdog Dave:

Just a heads up for our Back To Jennings Pub ride. Very soon, 23/24th July. More details to come after some recce time trails etc next weekend. First in, best dressed. Limited rooms or swag in front of fire in lounge. $60/hd, Dinner, Bed & Brekkie.  If keen please email, phone 0447788055 or Facebook me.  We’ll have a special VIP guest rider along with us all the way from Thailand.
cheers, Dave.

IMG_8049Mark your calendars!


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