Blog: October 17. Bugger!

maschinetransterra_019Sorry to be a little late, but I’ve been having IT issues. The host company sorted it out this morning and were brilliant.

Meanwhile, I went for a lap with the guys from Maschine this last weekend, and, in a repeat performance from a few years ago, kicked a fallen tree and ended up with a bruised foot. Some might remember a few years back I was riding with Boris Everson when I kicked a rock and made a mess of my foot. I posted a grisly pic of the busted toe with the nail torn off and a few people had a bit of a dry retch, so you’ll all be happy that this time it’s just several different shades of purple, but not too bad. Here’s a non-retching pic after the medic had had a look…

maschinetransterra_056Unfortunately, the bike is worse. I didn’t see the tree trunk in the long grass so I hit going full-tilt. I wasn’t going fast, but I didn’t brake or swerve, and I wasn’t ready for it. It crunched my foot back against the bike and kind of flicked the bike around so it skidded on its side down the rock ruts I was trying to avoid. The result was some damaged plastic.

maschinetransterra_047The blinker was till connected, hanging down inside the panel. After a little checking and fussing I decided everything was basically okay – although the foot was throbbing like seven bastards – so I did a masterful job of bodging up the damage and kept riding.

maschinetransterra_048You may not think that’s a very elegant job, but the blinker still worked, it was more or less where it was supposed to be on the bike, and it made it through the rest of that day and the next, as well as the ride home from Armidale, flashing like Donald Trump at a beauty pageant.

I’ll have to go begging to Craig Murcott for some more paintwork…after I buy another million-dollar plastic panel from Honda and have it shipped over from Japan. The rest of the plastic on that side of the bike is a bit how’s your father as well, but it’s not broken. I’ll ask Craig’s opinion when I go snivelling into his shed begging for help.


You can gather from that I was on my own bike for a change, and I loved it. The ride took in some of the best trails around Gingers Creek and Port Mac, and the Dominator revelled in it.

I’ve also been beavering away at the KLR. I put some Tractionators on it, and they look the business. They went on easily and I was happy about that. I also found some lowered footpegs that didn’t go lower than the frame, so, hoping to save Secret Squirrel some work, I bought a pair. They seem okay, but now the brake pedal and gear shifter are unusable, so I’m hoping Pottsy will still help me out. I’m guessing they’ll need to be cut and welded back a little shorter and lower.

Dan Vaughan’s going to do the idler-chain tensioner tomorrow, and then the bike’s off to Victoria for the Moto Expo next week.

A couple of days on the Dominator! That means it’s been a GREAT week!





  1. if you need someone to ride other people’s new bikes let me know

  2. Dam! Tom that’s bad luck with the damage.
    Just when the old dominator was looking so fresh.
    Do you want me check out that wrecked one I saw in Springwood .

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