Blog: December 19. Longest Day. Who’s in?

It’s a blustery, crap, Sunday arvo and I’ve done no riding this past week. Christmas shutdown is coming and it’s been a bit of a panic to try and get things done before everyone buggers off for a week or so. And it’s not just the holiday. A lot of people hit neutral a week or so before the break, so I’ve been in the unfortunate position of having to try and hustle them along to get things done.

Believe me, no-one likes you when you do that.

The worst of it is I think this next week will be worse, and that means I’m not sure I’ll make it out for Longest Day.

I was hoping to get out at least for the day – maybe a run to Narrabi and back or something – but it’s starting to look like I won’t be able to afford even that short time.


Still, if on Tuedsay arvo I think I can swing it, I’ll be on a bike on Sawtell Headland Wednesday morning.

Which leads up to, ‘Which bike, you lucky bastard?’ I know that’s what you’re all thinking.

Probably the Ducati.

I dropped the bike in to North Coast V Twins last week, and Ash Beaton couldn’t have been more helpful. He had some racing to do at Eastern Creek this weekend and was picking up a bike from Ducati in Sydney, so he volunteered to grab the tyres for me and bring them back. He and the race team, including the mechanic, won’t be back until Tuesday morning, so if the tyres are on the bike, and I have a day spare, that’s the bike I’ll be on.

If the Ducati’s not ready I’ll be ecstatic to jump on the Dominator, smashed plastics and all. I haven’t ridden that bike for ages, and I’m still waiting for the new plastics to show up from Japan. The blinker and everything else still works, so there’s no legal problem riding it, I just hate knowing the bike doesn’t look its best.

Anyhow, unless the long shot prevails and I find myself with some free time, I’ll be having to miss Longest Day. If that’s the case I’ll try and get away for a day during the break. It won’t be Longest Day, but it should still be warm and sunny, and I’ll be happy for the chance to ride.

Meanwhile, I see Karen Ramsay has finished the essay that was giving her grief, and she posted her latest column on Facebook to much – and well-deserved – acclaim. Good work (as always). Dave Ramdog looks to have been riding all over the place as usual. Marty Blake’s job seems to keeping him busy, and I haven’t heard from Pottsy except for his asking who’ll be doing Longest Day.

So now’s the time to speak up. Who’ll be joining Pottsy on Wednesday?

Tag a comment on here so he knows who to look for.

Christmas next week. I hope everyone’s had a year to remember and enjoys the festive season. More than that, I hope I meet all of you on bikes somewhere in the coming year. Thanks to everyone for sharing their fun and experiences in 2016. It’s a great crew.

Remember, leave a comment to let Pottsy know what’s happening on Wednesday.


PS: Today’s pic is from eight or nine years ago. Ben Grabham is world-class rider and a professional in every respect. He left the KTM team this week, and I’m sure the team will feel the loss. This image is from his days riding with Honda and Glenn Hoffman. I was fortunate to get a ride on ride his Safari bike, and Ben, as always, spent the day exercising his dry sense of humour and offering helpful advice – none of which did me much good. TF

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  • marty on December 18, 2016 at 5:36 pm said:

    Christmas busiest time of year for fruit, even if I got to take the duke I couldn’t make it, headland on way to work maybe, not even the flat out run out my road unfortunately.

  • Dave on December 18, 2016 at 7:33 pm said:

    Thanks Tom for all your words of wisdom over the coarse of another year. It’s been an incredibly lucky year for us, ticking off a couple of big milestones,with no bike drama’s or nasty off’s. Getting in some great long rides together & a few fabulous overnight group rides. Highlighted once again by the Wattle Flat Ride which with Craig’s wonderful help, we’re looking to maybe make an Annual event.
    We’ve got a very exciting 3 week ride to plan for Laos later next year & a few good idea’s to explore & plan more challenging overnight group rides, both camping & Pub stays. So will keep you posted both on here &
    Sorry Pottsy, finishing a big Fencing job this week so won’t get down for Longest Day run. Last years ride was a ripper.
    Cheers & best wishes to all, catch you out on a track somewhere.

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