Blog: December 26. Ate too much again.

It’s Christmas Day and windy as buggery. That doesn’t matter to me because I’ve eaten so much I doubt I’ll be able to move for several days at least.

Meanwhile, back in the real, non-Christmas-gluttony world, Longest Day has been and gone, and I’m still peeved at having missed it. For the first time in 11 years I had to stay at my desk and work (nothing to do with bikes. Different work).

The good news is I met Pottsy and his mate Dino at the Wimpy before dawn.

We rode up to the headland to see the first glint of the sunrise, then headed west, almost as though we meant it, passing Craig ‘Onesy’ Wilson waving on his driveway as we cruised on by.

Pottsy was on his V-Strom and Dino on a 1290 Super Adventure, and I was on the trusty Dominator.

It was a truly glorious morning, as glorious as any Longest Day morning I can remember, and without the pressure of trying to make distance the riding was superb. We cruised up to Dorrigo where we parted and I headed back to my desk via Ulong, Lowanna, Coramba and Coffs.

I was back well before 8.00am. Pottsy and Dino headed on to ride Baldersleigh Road, sending nasty, vengeful texts during the day saying how good the coffee was at Guyra and Inverell.


Pottsy’s V-Strom has a top box, believe it or not, and every time the phone buzzed I picked it up to find another ‘Top Box report’ from a coffee shop along the way.

While all that was going on, Boris Everson – the current Longest Day record holder along with Dan Vaughan – got confused and thought Longest Day was December 22. He had his bike ready and everything, but missed the date. The ensuing discussion on Facebook involved Mick Crutch, and there were some strong commitments made to a 2017 Reunion ride. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it happens. I’m really keen for it.

As I dawdled around on the Dominator, thinking how great it was, I realised the bike’s already damaged and dirty, so I may as well ride it. I went for a short, quiet, solo lap on Christmas Eve, just for the pleasure of it.

It turns out the parts I’m waiting for aren’t likely to be here before the end of January, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I did an oil change and cleaned the air filter just because I was feeling sentimental and enjoy the bike so much.

That was my week and this is the end of my year, near enough. It’s been good one, and I’ve enjoyed meeting and riding with a lot of you, especially those who try and do something for other riders: hosting events, leading rides, helping with repairs and maintenance or just offering encouragement at the right time. I know I’ve personally benefitted from all those things at various times, and I really appreciate it. I do my best to pass that on if I have a chance.

See you all in 2017.


PS: It wouldn’t be a Pottsy ride without a pic of the Squirrel. Here he is on the headland…



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