Blog: Monday, January 2. Troy Bayliss Classic

It’s been a very hot week and I’ve been in Brisbane for a couple of days on non-bike-related matters. It’s lucky, really. While I was in airconditioning during the worst of the heat, I see on Facebook several of you have been out doing the righty on your bikes.

The Troy Bayliss Classic is coming up. The flat-track event runs in Taree on January 21, and I thought I’d load up one of Marty’s DualSport Australia tracks and head down for a look. I expect I’ll leave Friday morning and spend a leisurely day running the Ducati south through Willawarrin and Gingers Creek, bunk down in Taree on Friday night, watch the racing on Saturday, then scoot home up the main road Saturday evening.

If anyone would like to make up a crew for the ride let me know. I’d be keen to have some others along for what should be a great ride and an interesting event. Troy himself is a bit of a character, and he’ll be riding. That alone is worth seeing, I reckon. Here’s the guff on The Classic:

‘The Motul Pirelli Troy Bayliss Classic is a unique one-day event featuring racers from all aspects of two-wheeled motorcycle competitions, coming together for a full day of racing on one of the few oiled flat tracks in Australia.
Fans are able to get up close to the fast paced action this racing provides, watching 36 stars from several eras of the sport, including World champions and national champions alike. The event is now attracting several international riders to join the Australian contingency.
This day is not one to be missed for everyone, from racing enthusiasts to families wanting a fun, action-packed day with many support races to break up the main events.

This is an all ages event.’

Let me know if you’re interested.


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  1. Sounds good Tom – I’m in. Are you riding through T.A on the way to willawarran? If so I will meet you there👍

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