Blog: January 9. The Squirrel’s in hospital

It’s Sunday arvo and very windy. I’ve been watching Dakar all week, and although it sounds stupid to say so, I feel a bit short of sleep. Compared to the competitors I’m living in five-star luxury. It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to be in the race itself. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be able to ride like Toby Price and his factory-sponsored colleagues, and I can’t imagine what it must be like to face up to the expense and heart-rending grind of the Malle Moto class.

It holds me fascinated every year.

Pottsy, Secret Squirrel, is in hospital. I sent him a text and he replied the food was better than at his house and the nurses were all gorgeous, so it didn’t sound like it was too serious. But that must’ve been Tuesday or Wednesday and it looks like he’s still in there.

It must be a different hospital to the last time I was in Coffs. Neither the food nor the nurses match the description – although, in all fairness, I’ve never had dinner at Pottsy’s place. Maybe the food’s a bit how’s-your-father there. I do remember having a chunder in the garden on the way out after I was discharged. Don’t go sniffing the flowers near the front door there, Pottsy.

I hope he’s up and about soon.

Meanwhile, Darren AC has signed up to check out the Troy Bayliss Classic in a couple of weeks, so our group is now up to…um…two. Let me know if you’d like to join in. I’ll meet Darren at Taylors Arm if that helps anyone. The Ducati’s been fitted up with knobbies and Marty Blake’s sent what looks a good route to get us into Taree, so it should be a good couple of days. I have Troy lined up for an interview as well. He’s a character, so that’s guaranteed to be a highlight for me.

Craig Murcott’s been enquiring about what’s going with parts for the Dominator. The Honda shop in Coffs phoned to say the plastic panel was on backorder and due on January ninth. I’m hoping to pick up the part tomorrow and the few other bits and pieces are sitting here. I’m busting to get that bike back in the shape it deserves. I’m also hoping to sort out the return of the KLR from Melbourne next week. I’m thinking of scooting down to Melbourne for some work commitments in early February, then riding the KLR back through the high country to take in the Adventure Film Festival.

It’d be tough work, but someone has to do it.


PS: Today’s pic comes from the 2016 BMW GS Safari. BMW Off Road Training instructor Craig Bernard grabbed the pic. Craig’s a great bloke to have on any ride, and perhaps I ought to convince him to help me out in his professional capacity. What is it about me and BMW800s?



  1. Pottsy probably in shock after seeing his credit cards bills after Xmas – Get well soon champion

  2. My bet the nurses and food are still the same as when you were there Tom, just the drugs they give you while there can have strange but helpful side effects, like making the nurses and food enjoyable.

    Cannot make Taree but will have to line up a few days away sometime in February. Will catch up to discuss.

  3. Squirrell has a real problem because HE does the cooking at his place.

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