Blog: January 30. Just work this week.

It’s a windy, hot Sunday afternoon and I’ve been knee-deep in mowing, fitting window locks, painting fences and doing general domestic tasks, but no riding. Work has been a bit hectic all week, so I’m afraid I have no riding stories to tell this week.

In the coming week I have a day booked with photographer Wilko and the Ducati, so that’ll more than make up for a long week or two at my desk. We’re meeting in Grafton and hopefully heading out to shoot on Carnham Road. No doubt there’ll be a frozen Coke or two, maybe a coffee or three, and perhaps even a piece of banana cake in the day.

I’m hoping so.

Otherwise the rest of you have been very quiet. I see Karen and Dave Ramsay are out riding nearly all the time, Marty HC, Craig and Trevor went for a run last weekend, and I have no idea what Pottsy’s been up to, except I think I saw something indicating he was out of hospital, so that was good.

Sorry to be a bit short of chatter and info this week, but it happens that way sometimes. It makes looking forward to the next ride just that much more exciting.


PS: Not sure about the image. It must’ve been around 2007 or 2008, and it’s somewhere in New Zealand. Racin’ Dave Britten took the shot, and I think it’s the year I got a flat on the front of Yamaha New Zealand’s Tenere. I didn’t have the big hex key to remove the front axle and I was a long way in front of the field, so I decided to ride to the next checkpoint. It turned out to be 240km. The front wheel was destroyed. I think it was that year. TF


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  1. Phoar! The Ducati and Wilko – geez, thats a awesome combo. Looking forward to the pics from that shoot.

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