Blog: April 3. Touratech Adventure Challenge

I’m a bit late, but it’s still Monday, so technically I’m on time…sort of.

It’s early Monday arvo and I’m just back from Bright in Victoria where I ran the KLR through the Touratech Adventure Challenge. It was a great event, and because Danny Wilkinson was on board as photographer I didn’t shoot any images of the event…so I don’t have any to post here.

I did arrive a day early with workmate Mitch Newell and a new Husky 701 Enduro with the express purpose of shooting that bike, so I guess it’s fair to show one or two of those…

As you can see, the terrain around Bright is spectacular, and the event was a lot of fun. Everyone had to bolt about the place ticking off ‘challenges’ or identifying landmarks. The challenges included things like a marshall roping a truck tyre to the back of your bike and you having to slalom through some 44-gallon drums without the tyre or bike hitting the drums, and without the feet leaving the ‘pegs. It was a sandy little paddock, so it was fun. The landmarks were all clearly marked, but sometimes needed a little thought to work out what it was exactly that the organisers had asked you to see.

My favourite obstacle was a canoe-paddle challenge.

The Touratech importer is also a manufacturer of rotomoulded canoes. He’d secured two canoes together with a couple of alloy ‘bars and sat a Husky Terra on them. Riders had to paddle across a small pond and back. Shortest time got the points. It was hilarious. The thing was so top-heavy, and I was paddling like a bastard. I couldn’t see what Mitch was doing, but we swerved all over creation and ended up as wet as shags.

I don’t have any photos of course. I was a tad busy.

It was a great day, even though we didn’t figure in the points tally at the end.

The Sunday morning was social ride from Bright over Mt Hotham and down to Dargo where coffee and morning tea was supplied at the local hall.

Rupert, the man behind the Adventure Film Festival showed up on an ’83 Tenere. At least, I think it was an ’83. I asked him and he assured me it was, but I ask you candidly, would you trust someone who looked like this?

He’s the most hilarious bloke, a very good rider according to those in the know, and has a stable of some extremely tasty bikes. He brought some great colour and humour to the day.

The weather was glorious and the ride was scheduled to head on to Dog’s Grave and Dinner Plains, but I had to cut back to Bright. I was trailering the bikes and wanted to be back at my desk today sometime.

So here I am. I haven’t looked at e-mail or listened to phone messages yet, so if I’m missing some of your news I’ll catch it up when I can.

The KLR went really well, by the way. It’s starting to feel like it’s going to be a good’n.


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