Blog: May 8. It’s all happening.

Evenin’ all.

It’s Sunday arvo late, and I have to be honest, there’s not been a great deal happening this past week. I just wrote that to try and give the impression there was something exciting to say.

I was in Sydney for a few days tidying up some work, and last night I had to go to Alstonville. I didn’t get home until the early hours of this morning, so I’m feeling a bit lethargic just at the moment.

I’m busting to go for a dawdle on both the KLR and Dominator, but I don’t see any opportunities looming. I’ll be back in Sydney for at least a day this week visiting Adventure Moto and possibly KTM/Husqvarna, and the following week the Suzuki ride to Cape York is scheduled. The ride’s not actually going to Cape York as was originally forecast, and I can’t say I’m surprised. As much as I love the destination, a trip like that would be unlikely to show the new V-Stroms at their best. They’re great bikes, but they’re not built for that kind of off-roading.

The best news about the ride is Roy Kunda and Cape York Motorcycle Adventures are involved.

I’m not sure how much Roy will do, but we’re staying at his camp at Palmer River, and that is one of those lifetime experiences that Roy does better than any one. It’s a shitty, deep-sand access trail to the camp on the riverbank, but it’s pretty amazing once you get there. Here’s a pic from my stop there last year with Triumph.

The steaks were thick and tender, the drinks icy cold and the coffee rich and satisfying. No-one can do it like Cape York Motorcycle Adventures.

From Palmer River we head to Cape Tribulation.

Anyone who’s been to Cape York with Roy Kunda will have wild memories of PK’s at Cape Trib. So that’s a little something to think about.

MotoGP tonight. Rossi’s seventh on the grid, right next to Lorenzo. Awesome.


PS: The pic at the top is me trying to work out if the camera’s on self-timer or not. It wasn’t. TF

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