May 22: Sharpening the sword

It’s Sunday arvo and I’m sitting at my desk having a quiet ache.

I’ve been way too slack with my fitness and riding lately, so I decided to accept no more excuses. I dragged the 125 out of the shed – again – fired ‘er up and ‘ran a tank through it’ (that’s what we used to say and do when I was younger). The tank must’ve expanded while it was sitting in the shed for all that time, because I couldn’t get through it in one hit like I used to.

I also went out with visions of finding a loop and just pounding around and around it, but after the rain it was so frigging slippery I tippy-wheeled around and around for a while before hitting some open dirt road for some blasting, which I enjoyed a lot. A 125 two-stroke is still the most awesome way to ride, I reckon. Nick Dole calls that kind of riding ‘sharpening the sword’, and I think it’s a brilliant description.

I must’ve down SOME work because, as I said, I’m feeling a bit sore.

I think that’s a good sign.

I spent the last week in far-north Queensland as a guest of Suzuki at the launch of the V-Strom 650XT and 1000XT, and far out! They’re great bikes.

I always underestimate them, and every time I’m lucky enough to get on one I’m reminded how good they are. The XTs are the ‘cross tourers’ with plastic handguards, plastic bashplates, spoked wheels and tubeless tyres.

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures – Roy Kunda – did guide duties.

Nobody can run a camp like Roy, and, as always, so it was awesome.

Big, juicy, tender scotch fillets rolled off the barbeque, cold drinks were in abundance and, best of all, Roy brought along a coffee percolator just for me. That was dinner. In the morning the bacon-and-eggs came of the barby like a conveyor belt.

How good was that!

The camp itself was pretty amazing, and the riders all took full advantage of Roy’s assertion there were no crocs.

There were some fast riders in the crew and it was a good bunch. We also had a photographer and videographer travelling with us, so I had a right ol’ holiday.

At one point we were told to ride through a corner for the camera. Here’s how I did it…

Here’s how ex-World SuperBike competitor and road-race endurance world champion Steve Martin did it…


As I said, I was in fast company. Steve wasn’t the only one. On the road especially, some of the guys were carving up.

I would’ve carved up and ‘cut sick’, but I had to be responsible, y’know, ‘cos I was representing work an’ that.

That was my week.

Next up for me is a visit to the Ulysses AGM in Port Mac one day this week, then pick up a Kawasaki Versys-X 300. I’ll give it a bit of a workout, but it’ll have to be a quick one. I’m meeting the RideADV guys on Friday night to do a few photos and some interviews, then I have to hightail it back to my desk. I have some new responsibilities for work and time is going to be tighter than ever.

I saw a bunch of riders go past my place yesterday and they all blew the horns and waved. I’m guessing it was Craig Murcott’s crew heading Gingers Creek. Awesome.


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  1. Hi Tom,
    I think I heard that group of riders heading out as well. Hard to take when you are committed to other things. I just spent 5 days servicing & crating my mate Bala,s Husky Terra ready to be shipped to Vladivostok.Trailering it to Sydney airport on Wednesday then back to Coffs for the Vintage bike rally starting friday. Firing up the DT1.

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