Blog: May 29. Been busy

It’s Sunday arvo and the rain’s stopped.

I’ve been out on Kawasaki’s Versys-X300 – a great bike, by the way – and of course it rained most of the time. Now I’m back at my desk it’s sunny again, so I have no excuse for not getting out and doing some mowing.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a busy week.

I went down to the Ulysses AGM at Wauchope on Thursday and hung out with Janice and Greg from Rocky Creek Designs for a while. They’re fabulous people and I had a great time. I tried to get a pic of the three of us, but they were so busy speaking to customers I couldn’t get the three of us in one place at one time. Here’s Janice and I while Greg was doing a puncture repair demo…

I also bumped into Miles Davis from BMW. Miles left his full-time gig with BMW Motorrad recently, but is still connected to the company somehow. I’m not clear yet just what the connection is, but knowing Miles it’ll involve him being spectacular on a GS somewhere.

I was wandering around the AGM checking out displays when someone on the Suzuki line-up called me over. It turned out to be Matt Reilly, a top bloke and Suzuki tech, who was leading demo rides. Here he is in his flouro jacket preparing to keep everyone on the straight and narrow…

Overall it didn’t seem there were a lot people at the event, but perhaps that was just the time I was there.

From Wauchope I continued on to Sydney and picked up the Versys.

As you can see, I bought a new gold reflector and got a bit carried away during the shoot.

With the Versys on the trailer I doubled back to Cessnock to do some detail pics and to meet Mitch – from work – who had signed up to the RideADV WR250R Rally and rode the Versys for a couple of pics in the afternoon.

We ran into Greg Yager from RideADV, Sean Goldhawk from Yamaha Motor Australia, Nick Dole from Teknik, Greg Smith from iKapture, Stephen Gall from the Gold Coast, and 30 or so WR250R owners before settling into my swag for the night.

I didn’t actually shoot any pics of the WR250R group. Greg Smith was there, and when there’s a photographer as good as that around, I hide my cameras away and say things like, “Photography, huh? Yeah. It’d be interesting to find out about that as a hobby.”

I did sleaze in among the riders and nab a free bacon-and-egg sanger and cup of coffee from the guys at Watson’s Yamaha before heading home yesterday.

This coming week is heavily committed, but at this stage I’m expecting to be at my desk for the duration. It seems a silly thing to hope for, but I really need to get the work done, so I’m hoping that’s how things work out.


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