Blog: June 5. All go

It’s Monday morning and I’m still trying to sort out where I’m up to.

Last week I was pretty much at my desk. I went out on the KTM for a quick blast and busted the clutch perch again. That’s a pest because it’s an hydraulic clutch and the perch is part of the master cylinder. It’s going to be a very expensive problem if Dan Vaughan can’t figure out some sort of repair. I told him he was welcome to go ‘hillbilly’ on it. I really don’t want to have to buy a whole new master-cylinder assembly when everything works fine. I even considered trying to secure it with a mass of cable ties, but I think I was just being optimistic.

The other short ride I did was the Kawasaki Versys-X 300.

What a great bike! I really enjoyed it. Small-bores have always suited me, and this one is a really good fun bike with some great features.

I had to spend a few days in Townsville for family, and that’s why I’m writing this on Monday morning. I flew home last night just in time for the Moto GP – which was fantastic racing.

So, other than a very nice e-mail from Meg Lees in Spain, I don’t have anything much of interest from last week.

This week there’s a lot going on.

I have to return the Versys-X to Kawasaki, and because I enjoy it so much I’m going to ride it to Sydney. I’ll drop it to Kawasaki, then jump on a Ducati Multistrada 950 for the return trip.

You can bet I’m looking forward to that. Small bores might suit me, but Ducatis are incredible, no matter how lacking in talent I may be on big bikes. After the 1200 Multistrada Enduro, I’m stinging to try the smaller, lighter 950.

That’ll be down and back in a day. I’ll park the Ducati and wheel the KLR out and head over to the KLR Riders Rally at Tottenham. I’m riding with Mac Eggins for that one, so I’m expecting we’ll have a great time.

I’ll tell you all about it next week.


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