Blog: June 12. Been to Tottenham

It’s a wet Monday morning and I returned from the KLR Rider’s Rally at Tottenham last night.

I rode with Mac Eggins from Grafton, and despite a couple of punctures, a close look at a couple of ‘roos and the general drizzling rain, we had an awesome trip.

$28 per night!

For that I had an electric blanket, reverse-cycle airconditioning, a clean bunk and heaps of room to spread my gear out to dry. What a bargain.

The KLR guys were a good bunch and there was plenty of discussion about KLR shortcomings/tuning/modification. Mac and I teamed up with Jamie Reside and headed home yesterday, everyone arriving in one piece.

We went for a ride out to the cairn just outside town that marked the actual centre of the State…

So it was a great weekend, really.

Now I have about 10 minutes before I jump on a plane to go ride the Royal Enfield Himalayan.



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