Blog: July 10. No riding.

It’s Monday morning and I had a tough week with work. I decided to goof off over the weekend and recover, and that included not taking the Husky out (seeing as it’s part of work). I did a stack of mowing and tree-lopping and went out on the kayak and generally relaxed a little.

So I don’t have anything much of interest to share this week.

The only thing I did find amazing was Marty HC organising his magazine collection.

Marty is one of the most avid dirt-bike magazine readers and collectors I’ve ever met, and his stock of magazines goes back decades. Organising them must’ve been a big job. Here’s the pic he sent…

Marty pointed out there was a fair smattering of my own work in the collection. That was an interesting thought, and it felt good to think someone noticed.

The story behind the lead pic: In 2007 I rode one of Phil Hodgens’ charity fund-raising monoliths on a Postie bike. We went from Glendambo in SA to Perth via a whole stack of tracks and trails and amazing, impossibly gorgeous outback routes. I can’t remember the exact amount, but I think six figures were raised for the RFDS.

At one point Phil waved everyone down because there were ‘a couple of wombat holes in the road’. The pic shows a younger, dark-haired me wondering whether the whole bike would’ve fitted in there if I’d not seen it and ridden straight in.

That was an amazing trip, and one I still shake my head about and wonder how I got through. There was one sand section of around 40km that took me nine hours to negotiate, and I’ll never forget the morning Phil decided to discharge both barrells of a 12-gauge just outside my tent as a signal it was time to get moving. Riders got lost, bikes broke down and were repaired, everyone was tested one way or another, and it was the experience of a lifetime.

What a ride!


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