Blog: July 17. Everything except riding

It’s Monday morning and I’ve been trying to get the Husky 701 ready for a run across the Simpson.

The ideal would be to have been putting in lots of time on the bike, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Some bits and pieces I was waiting on didn’t arrive until Thursday and Friday, and of course I had work to do. I had to fit the fittings around what was happening at my desk.

A pair of Dalby Moto pannier racks arrived and looked awesome. The I read the instructions and found they couldn’t be used without a rack – the B&B rack was given a specific mention. I also couldn’t get the standard Husqvarna bolts to do the job.

A B&B rack was organised and despatched and I headed into the engineering suppliers to try and get some bolts. That turned out to be trickier than it should  have been, but I ended up with something I thought I could make work.

Then the rack arrived and it was gorgeous. The finish on B&B gear is fabulous.

Not only that, but the rack was supplied with mounting hardware to suit all kinds of situations, so I was off to a start…except I couldn’t get the B&B rack and Dalby Moto pannier racks to fit nicely together.

Back to the engineering supplies place I went.

Eventually the luggage situation was satisfactory.

The tyres went on next, and it wasn’t too much of a drama, except I put the rear on the wrong way. The direction of rotation is 180 degrees out of whack. And I can’t get the bead up.

I must’ve put 1000PSI in that tyre. I deflated it, pushed the bead down, hit it with Inox and tried again. It still refused to pop.

Now I’m worried.

The tyre’s still holding its pressure, but the bead’s just a millimetre or two off settled in a couple of places on both sides of the wheel. I had a similar situation recently on the KLR when I put a 19-inch tube in the 17-inch tyre (it was the only tube I had on board). The bead refused to settle because I’d caught just the tiniest bit of the tube. The tyre stayed inflated for 200km or so before the tube finally tore and I had to do the job again. Fortunately I’d replaced the 19-inch spare with a 17-inch at the first bike shop I’d seen, so I was okay.

But back to the Husky. Maybe I have a similar situation? I don’t think so, but I’m not going to risk it. I’m going to ask Dan Vaughan to have a look at it this morning. He can chuck it on his tyre-changing machine, get the thing flipped so it’s running in the right direction, balance the wheel, and I can feel comfortable about it all.

Has anyone else been following Dave and Karen Ramsay’s ride this last couple of weeks?



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  • Dave on July 18, 2017 at 11:02 am said:

    Was Awesome, hard to beat that country, especially when its warm & damp. I’ll try getting a few photo’s etc to you before you get your skates on to head to Birdsville by Saturday. Wish I was going, just had a ball getting back my mustering groove in sandy country near Windorah on a CRF250 for a couple of days last week.

  • Meg on July 18, 2017 at 7:44 pm said:

    I’d be interested in seeing a close up of where you managed to secure the panniers to when you get back Tom. I struggled to find a really solid way to attach them but I’m pretty sure it just a rookie mistake / ignorance.
    Loved watching your trip Dave & Karen, brilliant photos!

  • GAV GILL on July 25, 2017 at 4:04 am said:

    Hi all, Mick von cheeseburger & I are 3 weeks into our ride now. After bike problems in the first week & border crossing problems in the second week we have made it to Russia ( Moscow & Snt Petersburg ) & are now in Georgia.Russia has the most manic drivers we have ever seen. Gav Gill

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