Blog: August 7. Paying the price

After a week away I’ve been  chained to my desk trying to get back on the pace with work.

I haven’t done any special rides worth bragging about, but I did get to do a few short trips on the Dominator, just to run quick errands, and that bike is special to me. I’ve also been fooling around on the Montesa. I should spend more time on that trials bike, because I enjoy it so much and it improvces my riding no end. Still, I could say that about all my bikes.

The Montesa has always had a weird clutch problem where  when the bike’s first started the clutch doesn’t work. It has to warm up a bit, then be ridden around occasionally stabbing on the rear brake with the clutch lever in until something happens and the clutch begins to work. It’s a well-documented trait of the model.

I haven’t been on the bike for ages, and now the clutch is refusing to disengage.

I rode it around for ages trying to get it to happen, and kept trying for a couple of days, but didn’t get any result, so yesterday I had a bit of a brainwave and bled the clutch master. I fired it up in the shed, snicked it into gear, and the poxy thing took off, dragging me with it.

I managed to steer it out of the shed, but it was all a bit panicky, and I couldn’t avoid the barbed-wire fence.

So I spent yesterday arvo repairing the fence and dabbing on the Mercurochrome.

I think I’ll get a professional to have a look at the clutch situation.

Speaking of professionals, I bumped in to Marty HC yesterday and we were discussing when the Coffs guys would be back from their Simpson run. Several are going on to tackle the Canning Stock Route, but Craig Murcott at least was due back yesterday or today. I’m sure Craig will be as humble as ever, but still, when I hear how he and all the others powered across the French Line and back again, I’ll feel a little shudder of horror at the thought of it.

Each to his own.

The Inverell Scrapheap guys are running their usual fundraiser ride on August 26, and if I can get away I think I’ll go for a lap. I went and had a look at the start a couple of years ago and thought it looked like fun.

They’re a great bunch of people and the money they raise goes to the Down Syndrome NSW.

The thought of a lazy, one-day scenery ride around Inverell sounds like a winner to me. I’ll try and get up there on the KLR.


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  1. A group of us did this ride a few years back with some interesting roads up and back. From memory we went up on the Friday, stayed two nights at Inverell and wandered home on the Sunday. They put on a hell of a party on the Saturday night after the ride which was good fun.

    Might dust the cobwebs off the poor old bike and do it all again this year. Will keep in touch. Cheers

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