Blog: August 14. Really quickly.

A short catch up today. I’m at my desk trying to get sorted for work to start in the morning.

I spent a couple of days riding a new Yamaha quad this week. I don’t know much about quads, but the emphasis was all on safety and being sensible with farm machinery. I took all that to heart and complied as best I could, of course.

What was actually about half a day on the quad meant three days away from my desk, so I’m a bit behind. And while I’m writing this Karen Ramsay’s just sending me some material. Crikey. I’ll never catch up.

Craig Murcott and Dan Vaughan and a crew set off for a Simpson crossing. Craig and a couple of others went over and back and thought is was the best thing ever. Dan Vaughan and Trevor Randall kept going and sent back a pic of their arrival at Steep Point before heading off on to the Canning Stock Route.

That info and pic is courtesy of Pottsy, but I’m sure those guys won’t mind me sharing. It’s an almighty effort.

Meg Lees has done some excellent work to sort out fixing the panniers on her DR. It’s a cut-down moving trolley and I reckon it looks the cat’s whiskers. That’s sensible, inexpensive innovation at its best.

There’s a one-day ride on in Inverell on Saturday, August 26th, for the local Scrapheap people to raise some cash for Down Syndrome NSW. I went up there with Gav Gill a couple of years ago and it was brilliant. I’m going to try and make this year’s ride, and Chis Laan is talking about going as well. It should be a great day. If you’re looking for a low-stress day out I recommend it to you.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


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