Dave and Karen Ramsay ride

I’m running a bit behind. Dave Ramsay sent a cracker ride report about he and Karen’s latest ride, and it’s a great read. Sorry for being slow to post it, Dave. Cheers for sharing. TF…

Just home from a fantastic 3000klm ride around the Central West.

We floated the bikes to a friend’s property 70km east of Windorah, 1400km from home, and started our adventure from there.

The next 200km out to the north-west of Stonehenge was unpredictable and challenging at times.

Getting off the Barcoo mud we found Welford National Park had been closed that morning, stranding many campers keen to get out and heading for the Birdsville Bash. This pretty much set the stage for where we could and couldn’t ride, with a few close calls along the way. We were lucky to ride away from Opalton after heavy morning storms then lunch at ‘Old Cork Station’ was moved from a damp, sticky riverbank to the homestead ruins, then a quick bolt for 20km or so to outrun and get in front of the rain moving in.

With bigger rain predicted for the Diamantina coming across from Boulia, we got out of the Channel Country and headed back to a damp Winton and on to some gorgeous, soft, black soil stockroutes and station roads. They were fluffed up but not sticky and we rode for the next couple of days parallel to the rainband 100km south of us. Idalia National Park will require two nights next time we get out there, and on our run back to Windorah more rain had once again closed Welford,  which is high on my bucket list. So we’ll be back for another go next year.

We spent two days helping move bulls and muster agisted cattle from Gundy on little bikes with a spotter plane, and it took us back 30 years.

We camped most nights. Fossickers Hut on a wet night at Opalton was very welcome at $2:50 per person to cover the hot shower.

The ‘Goldstone’ movie-set hut on another damp night near Middleton was welcome too, as were good camp sites in the National Parks and numerous stunning bush camps.

The longest run, carrying 15 litres extra fuel each, was 640km from Winton to Boulia via Diamantina National Park and tracks within. There were no flat tyres or bike trouble and only one little off in a sandy crossing attempting to follow the old track from the south up to Opalton. We’ll have another shot at that one. It’s beautiful country in there.

Rain chased us all the way home from Quilpie on Saturday and Sunday with some places getting 40mm.

 We should go back next week!

Cheers Dave & Karen

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