Blog: August 21. Too many selfies

Hello to everyone.

It’s a really unpleasant, cold, windy Sunday, but I’ve just picked up the KLR from Craig Murcott – who LOVED the French Line of The Simpson and thought it AWESOME…did he ride the same Simpson I rode? – and I’m hoping to get at least a short ride this arvo. I really enjoy that big, fat old bike. I don’t know why especially, I just do. Craig’s done some more really excellent work on the KLR and it’s really getting way more personalised than I meant it to.

Not that I mind.

Meanwhile, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a little time on the new SWM Superdual this week, and it’s a bike I could really go for.

It has just enough rawness about it to remind me why I enjoy riding bikes so much, but just enough polish to offer a really great ride. There’s no traction control or ABS, the Brembo braking is really good and the fuel injection makes it fairly trouble-free in water crossings and with altitude changes. Even the sound of the twin pipes is just a little old school and thrilling without being harsh or too loud. The suspension worked really well for me, especially in rough going off-road.

It’s a great bike, and the version with the Givi panniers and spotlights looked a real winner. There should be an option for an 18″/21″ wheel option soon too, and that’ll be really interesting.

I seem to be getting a lot of selfies on here lately, and it’s not good. I’ll try and avoid them in future. When I’m riding alone it’s the easy way to get a couple of images, but it’s a bit boring.

Coming up next weekend is the Scrapheap fund-raiser ride at Inverell and I’m still keen to go. It’s a one-dayer on Saturday, so that really suits me. Nige Locke is heading up on Friday, and Chris Laan was planning to go up as well, but I’ll speak to him later in the week and see what his plans are. I’d love to cruise up Friday and enjoy a couple of days on the bike without a camera, but work will be very demanding this next fortnight or so, so I may end up heading up early Saturday morning…or worse, not getting time to go at all.

We’ll see. I’m keen, so I’ll be trying to get there one way or the other. It’ll probably be the last ride on the KLR before I get Dan Vaughan to poke around inside the motor and see what’s going on. Oil consumption is getting a little worrying.

I’ll let you know how I go.



  1. I received a call off trev and dan yesterday. They safely completed the canning stock route. They are now back in Alice Springs doing a much needed oil change and a new rear tyre then they just have to cross the Simpson again then wobble home to the coast . By the pictures it has been a great trip. Body legends. Across Australia and back in that time frame and those tracks.

  2. probably home tomorrow (thurs) night, not mucking about

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