Blog: August 28. Almost went for a ride.

It’s a glorious, sunny Sunday, but that’s no use to me. I’m laid up with the wog.

I was all set to do the Scrapheap fundraiser ride in Inverell yesterday. I had the bike on the trailer and all the gear in the van. I was even up at 4.30am, ready to leave, but I just felt too crap. I gave it up in the hope of a quicker recovery. If I’d done the ride I might well have made everything worse.

It was going to be my one ride this year where I could not work. I could just ride for the pleasure of it. So I feel as though I’ve missed out.

It’s done now, and I’m at my desk working seeing as I’m too miserable to do much else.

Today’s images are by master photographer Jeff Crowe, and were shot during a ride on the Royal Enfield Himalayan in Victoria. The bike was a heap of fun, as you can see.



  1. Get well Tom.I will toot when going by as i don.t want the wog.

  2. Those himalayan’s look like a lot of fun. Another one for squirrels wish list

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