Blog: September 11. IT dramas.

Evening, all.

It’s Sunday evening and it’s been a really nice day. The only riding I’ve done this week was to run the Dominator down to the servo to fuel it up yesterday, and to run the KLR down to the servo to fuel it up today.

I couldn’t even fill the bikes because, like a complete goose, I lost my wallet at Bunnings yesterday. In general yesterday wasn’t a great day, and losing my wallet just about capped things off. So until I receive new cards in the mail I’m reduced to getting by on whatever coins I can find. Fortunately, because I’ve been doing a bit of busking, I had a plastic bag of coins that added up to enough for fuel.

What was really cool was being able to log on to the NSW Motor Registry site and order a replacement license. I don’t have to go into town and sit around for ages. I could even print out my interim license and was good to go.

That’s pretty amazing, I reckon.

The police weren’t as smooth when I went to the cop shop to report the wallet lost (in case someone handed it in). They weren’t unhelpful, it was just a bit of a long process.

Anyway, that was yesterday.

The most interesting thing on the horizon now is the Congregation and Vince Strang’s 40-year celebrations coming up next weekend. It looks like there’ll be a fair roll up, and it was a great event last year, so I expect it to be a roarer this year. I intend to take the KLR for a lap if I can get away for a little while on Saturday.

I dropped the Montesa into Dan Vaughan on Friday and I’m busting to do some trials riding. The bike was sitting for ages and the clutch has gummed up, so that’s a bummer. I guess it could be a gummer-bummer.

I wanted to run a bit of a display with KLR at the Congregation and the Moto Expo so I bought a 15-inch photo frame – one of those electronic ones that scrolls the pics and videos. I did up a batch of images with captions about the bike and loaded them up.

There’s nothing fancy about the art, I know, but it would serve the purpose.

But do you reckon the poxy photo frame would show the pics?

No it fricken wouldn’t.

I’ve edited those pics at least six different ways and tried at least half a dozen different image formats and it just won’t frigging work.

Fair dinkum. I’m ready to chuck the poxy thing to the shithouse.

I finally did what I should’ve done at the start. I asked Google what the FUDGE was going on.

The answer came up immediately, of course. I’ve probably wasted five days trying to get that mongrel thing to work. Google said, “Some frames won’t show edited pics.” Simple as that. I put unedited images in and it plays them like there’s no tomorrow.

Swine of a thing.

I hope to see a heap of you on the weekend. Make sure you say hello if you make it up to Tingha.



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