Blog: September 18. Congregation

Its Sunday morning and I’m home a little earlier than expected.

I’ve been at work’s Congrgeation at Tingha, near Inverell.

I went up to Inverell on Friday arvo to score a sausage sandwich at Vince Strang’s 40-year celebrations. I bumped into quite a few people I knew, including Nigel Locke and Marty HC.

After VSM’s Friday arvo I cruised out to Green Valley Farm at Tingha for ‘The Congregation’.

Like last year, the weather was fabulous and the Vickery family (owners of Green Valley Farm) did an incredible job of catering and looking after everyone. I don’t have the official numbers yet, but there must’ve been something like 300 riders by Saturday evening. The campsite is excellent and the general atmosphere is fantastic.

There were a stack of great people wandering around and riding the Vince Strang loops. Craig Murcott and Trev Randall seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Dave Ramsay scored a T-shirt for have the bike with the most kilometres…

and there were a heap of great people I didn’t get to photograph.

Actually, I was fairly busy the whole time, and despite hoping to catch with people like Chris Laan, Ed Brown, Cousin Matthew, Meg Lees and heaps of others, I didn’t really get to spend any time with anyone. It was a typical work affair where I was on the move most of the time, and when it was finally over I jumped in the van and headed home, rather than hang around overnight (my original intention).

Vince Strang offered a few different loops as part of his dealership celebration and I took the KLR on a very pleasant, leisurely lap on the ‘adventure’ loop. It was a typical New England scenery spectacular and I really enjoyed it.

The KLR is using a lot of oil, so this will probably be its last ride before a top-end rebuild. Craig Murcott bailled me out during the week when there was an electrical problem with the bike. Thanks to Craig the GPS and all the bits and pieces at the front worked brilliantly, and the couple of hours spent on that ride was the best part of the weekend for me.

Apparently the enduro loop had some interesting challenges. There’s some good stories from the riders who tackled it, but all seemed to enjoy it.

I have Marty’s DR650 on the trailer and some of his gear in the van so I’d best get it back to him.


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