Blog: October 9. Rain. You beauty!

It’s Monday morning and it’s been raining a little. Not heaps, but enough to settle the dust and make the trails premium. I hope you guys are all getting out there and enjoying them.

I’ve been on the mountain bike and the kayak a bit this week,. That was after returning the Ducati to Ducati. It was a great bike and I was sorry to have to give it back.

But now it’s Monday morning and I’m at the stage with work where the next few weeks are a bit stressful. I have some time in WA coming up, as well as Victoria and a few days in Sydney, so I should have a story or some gossip to share in coming weeks.

But for today I need to get stuck in.

Happy birthday to Sleeveless Ramdog Dave Ramsay. According to Facebook it’s today. He and Karen are wonderful people who probably do more riding than most of us put together.


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  1. Thanks Tom, special Birthday ride with Karen this year, tracks were prime, covered many of our favorites, Coombadjha,Washpool, Ewingar,Boorook,Maryland,Spring creek & home via Lions rd. Plus she’d stepped us up to some flash digs so left the swag at home.
    Love to go to that WA Congregation, looks like they’re setting the bar pretty high, Enjoy.

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