Blog: October 16. Been in West Aussie

Hi everyone,

It’s Monday arvo and I’m feeling a bit ropy after the Red-eye flight back from Perth. I missed the MotoGP and everything.

I went over to work’s Western Congregation and it went really well, especially for a first-time event. Around 130 riders showed up and the weather was glorious. The people at Motorrad Garage did a sensational job setting the whole thing up, Miles Davis was in great form and the Loose Goose Chalets near Nannup proved to be a great venue.

I rode from Perth on Motorrad Garage’s KLR and only decked it once (do’h. That’s not me on the bike in the pic, by the way. That’s Jason from Motorrad Garage. See how he’s not falling off? I should learn from that). The pea gravel which makes up most of the riding in that part of WA caught me not paying attention and I had a low speed get-off in a corner on the way back.

The weather was fantastic, the place was green and awesome, and the two loops Motorrad Garage made available as GPX files were brilliant.

All in all it was a great weekend, but I’m knackered.

Here’s some pics…

Jason from Motorrad Garage on the KLR. Sign in at Loose Goose Chalets. The skills demos. How to deal with being caught on a log. The loops went through a lot of pine forest, but often popped into the open to show amazing views. An awesome talk with lots of support material from the first two guys to ride the Canning Stock Route unsupported in 1983. Miles Davis gets it up.

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  1. I would’ve loved to have been there to hear more about this trip…

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