Blog: November 6. That time of year…

It’s Sunday lunchtime with rain forecast and I’ve just been for a short, gentle run on the Honda and enjoyed it a lot.

That’s the only riding I’ve done this week though, aside from a little horsing around on the Montesa. I really want to do more trials practice this Summer. With the longer hours of daylight I should be able to manage it.

Speaking of the longer hours of daylight, December 21, the longest day of the year, is just around the corner and Pottsy’s onto it. Here’s what the Secret Squirrel had to say…

“It’s getting close to that time of year again where we start planning for what we are going to do for the longest day of the year ride. I thought it would be good if you could throw it out there on this week’s blog.

“This year I would like to get out to at least Narrabri., and if there is enough interest further and overnight it out there. Maybe Bourke or Wanaaring?”

I’m very keen to visit Wanaaring before Ben and Margaret sell the store and move on. Ben’s built some great new dongas and upgraded the campground, so I’m keen to get out there and have a look (and Marg makes great coffee).

I’m going to jump in and make it a plan.

For now we’ll assume we’ll leave Sawtell Headland at around 5.30am, as is traditional, and head for Bourke for an overnighter that evening. Nobody has to do the whole trip. Pick and choose what you’d like to do and set yourself up.

If you’d like to ride west on December 21, let me know. We can work out who’s going where and for how long as the day gets closer. That’ll let us put together groups who want to do the same thing – distances, destinations, part days…whatever.


PS: Today’s image is from Longest Day 2006, back when we did the crazy on December 21. It’s all very gentlemanly now.

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