Blog: November 13. MotoGP tonight

I’ve had a bit on my mind this week. The final MotoGP for 2017 is tonight and Dovizioso is a mathematical chance of taking the world championship away from Marquez. It’s not likely, but I’m looking forward to watching it.

Also, I’ve think I’ve worked out the dog.

I reckon dog’s must have a mischief gland. And the mischief gland secrets a chemical that makes them chew up everything in sight. And out of sight. And it makes the dogs do things that drive you crazy.

Now, the mischief gland doesn’t actually change size. The size it is when the dog’s born is the size it stays. So as the dog grows, it becomes proportionately smaller. The chemical has less effect on the increased body size. As the dog ages he gets less destructive and mischievous.

Do you see the logic?

It’s just a theory at this stage, but I’m not seeing anything to disprove it…except the dog is the size of a small camel and still destroying anything and everything it can get hold of.

In bike-related news, Nigel Locke dropped by on Friday with a totally fabulous BMW he’d found and resurrected. I should’ve taken a pic, but I was too rapt in the bike to think about blogs. Nige has decided to leave it undercoated, so it has a distinctively ‘rat bike’ look about it, but at the same time it looks and sounds awesome. Nige has a nice touch with tuning and bikes in general, and he’s done some brilliant repair and building on this one, although he’s quick to point out he had some excellent help from the Coffs Restorer’s club.

I think that’s one of Gav Gill’s clubs.

Anyway, if you see the bike around, ask Nige for a once-over. It’ll be well worth your while.

This week kicks off a bit of manic run for me with work. I was supposed to pick up a new Ducati Multistrada Enduro Pro last Thursday, but I was just too frigging snowed under. Fortunately, the Ducati folks are some of the friendliest and easiest-going people ever, and they were happy to let me postpone.

So that one’s still in front of me, as is work’s Congregation in Victoria and the Sydney Motorcycle Expo.

I’m riding with the Suzuki guys to Dargo for the Congregation, and I’m looking forward to it. They’re great people. The Sydney Motorcycle Show is half a pain because it takes so much time, but I always get to see more great people there, so it’s not so bad in that respect.

From there it’s just a panic run to get as much as I can done before all the businesses close down for Christmas. Of course, I’ll be effectively knocking off on December 21. I’ll be heading west on that day with Pottsy and anyone else who’s keen, so that’ll be pretty much be the end of my work year.

Bring it on, I say.

Oh. I have to ‘fess up. I got a new Mitas ME09 for the KLR during the week and nearly chucked a thrombo trying to fit it. I pinched two tubes and near bust a gut, so I’ll try and sneak it in to Dan Vaughan tomorrow and see if he can sort it out for me.

What do I do if I get a flat out on a ride?

I don’t know, but somehow I always seem to get those ones sorted. Of course, the tyre being brand new makes things a lot more difficult than when it’s had some wear, and a hot Summer’s day makes the fitting easier. Yesterday wasn’t one of those.

I’ve ordered a Baja No Pinch from the US. I’ll let you know whether it’s any good.


PS: Today’s pic: Being a goose on the Royal Enfield Himalayan. I really enjoyed that bike.

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  1. You just didn’t have enough tools to fit the tyre properly, admit it.

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