Blog: November 27. Sydney Motorcycle Show

It’s Monday arvo and I’ve been at the Sydney Motorcycle Show since last Wednesday. It’s one of my least favourite things to do each year, but, as always, some things about it where brilliant.

First up was Robbie Maddison riding his ‘waterbike’ around Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour.

You may wonder why I only have a pic of Robbie preparing to ride, and no pics of him actually on Cockle Bay, and that would be because I have a brand new long lens which I took especially for the occasion.  I’ve only used it once, and it was busted. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but it put a stop to my shoot.

While I was standing there, cursing under my breath, who should tap me on the shoulder but Jack Field.

Jack’s one of the nicest guys to ever ride a motorcycle, and holy smoke, can he ride. He’s just locked up the freestyle trials world championship (again) and was at the show doing demos, including some spectacular riding on the new KTM Freeride E-bike, which will be ADR-compliant.

So that rocked.

From there the show became a parade of great people, including Cousin Matthew, Mac Eggins and Nigel Locke from up home, and some big names and celebrities. I won’t go into a big list of names in the hope of not looking like too much of a wanker, but this bloke was wandering around and was as approachable and cheerful as always.

I also bumped into Toby Price, who looked very lean and fit. He and my son were meeting up the next day and heading off to the V8s. Toby said he was feeling good and looking forward to Dakar. He hasn’t raced a bike in nearly year, but he said the pain in his leg was much reduced and he felt good. I’ll be barracking for him…I hope my son didn’t get him to break training by too much (the pair have history). I was being fitted into an AlpineStars air jacket at the time, and when it fired off everyone collapsed in laughter and some fairly unflattering comments were made by all and sundry. All hope of sensible conversation was lost, and I admit I didn’t get a pic of the Dakar winner.

There were some fabulous bikes and I caught up with some great people, so that was good, and the show looked to me to be a raging success. Friday morning it was jammed like a sardine can with people, Saturday morning was good as well, and Sunday was steady.

I had my KLR on the Touratech stand in some very ritzy company, so that felt good.

Originally the bike was going back to Victoria in the Touratech truck for a while, but a last-minute change of plan meant I brought it home. That means it’s here for Longest Day.


I haven’t had anyone get in touch about Longest Day yet – except Secret Squirrel, of course – but we’ll definitely be going, so if you’d like to tag along on what’s been a superb, low-stress day for the past couple of years, sing out.


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