Blog: December 18. A lazy Longest Day coming up

A short blog this arvo. It’s hot and muggy and I got too much sun yesterday out on the road bike.

Longest Day is this week, December 21, and it’s not looking like there’ll be much of roll up. Pottsy’s looking at riding Friday and Craig M is out. The KLR is ready, so I think I’ll go on Thursday as planned, but I’ll be running at a very lazy KLR pace, I think.

I always enjoy the ride for the memories, and even at sightseeing pace there’s still plenty to enjoy. I’d like to see Ben and Margaret at Wanaaring store before they sell and leave, so this is a great opportunity. It’s forecast to be over 40 degrees, but that’s nothing new on Longest Day. I’ll just poke along and see what I see.

I got the KLR out of the shed to get it ready, but I was so sunblasted yesterday I couldn’t bare to be in the heat outside. I had to do some mowing, and once that was done I was pretty much stonkered.

Here’s a couple of pics from past Longest Day rides…

2006 was a wet one. John Liddel, Ozzo, Boris Everson and myself made it to Wanaaring. This wasn’t the first official Longest Day ride, but it’s the first set of images I have. I didn’t do the ride in 2005. I was working a desk job in Sydney and couldn’t get away. I had the idea, and the editor of Trailbike Adventure Magazine liked it, so did the first one.

2007 we had a good roll up, but for some reason the group that started at Sawtell Headland – maybe seven or eight – was split up. It was the first year where we really went for some pace, and bikes started going down on Baldersleigh Road near Inverell. Ozzo, Boris and myself ended up in Tibooburra. The rest ended up in Bourke…or hospital.

2008 was the big year for me. I had a TDM900 Yamaha had set up for me, and Mick Crutch and I made it something like 50km past Cameron Corner (I think). We had a big group that year, but honours went to Dan Vaughan and Boris Everson, who went – from memory – something like 170km past Cameron Corner, then turned around and rode back to The Corner in the dark. I think the only time saw Dan V on the day was when he stopped to do some work on his XR. Note he didn’t remove his pack. He and Boris set serious pace every year after this one.

2009 was the start of a bad run for me. I’d broken my leg not long before and so missed the Longest Day ride that year. From the l went on to a string of injuries over the next three years.

I’ll stop boring everyone.

More next week.



  1. Hey Tom isn’t the longest day 22/12 this year?

  2. I could ride for a hour or two on the 22nd. Are you in too Wilson?

  3. Hold up, squirrel has got the extra day off work now so I’m in for Thursday, but I have to be home Thursday night so just planning on wobbling out to Narrabri and back if anyone else just wants a short ride

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