Blog: December 25. Even on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas everyone. Even I’m a little amazed I can manage a blog on Christmas day.

I’m writing this mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, and of course we’re all looking forward to celebrating Santa’s birthday tomorrow. I hope your Chrissy stockings are chocka with the bike-riding gear you’ve been hanging out for.

Longest Day in the form of a rip-shit-or-bust run into the desert didn’t happen this year, but Pottsy and I teamed up to wander out to Narrabri for a picnic at the radio telescope.

It was a really superb day. We had a couple of things not go our way during the day, including a problem with the KLR that meant removing the seat and sidecovers. Because of the pannier racks, getting the bolt for the sidecovers back in place was looking like a huge drama…or it would’ve been a huge drama for me. Pottsy grabbed a bit of fuel hose from his bumbag, jammed the bolt in the end, and WOOSHKA! He had what he called ‘a flexible drive’. Or something like that.

Whatever. It worked and he’s a genius. He’s also a genius for figuring out the problem with the bike.

It wasn’t a big deal, because it appeared everything was working except the starter. We were parked on a gentle hill at Marty’s Mistake, so I was fairly confident I could roll down and clutch-start it, but Pottsy sussed the problem and fixed it while I ran around in ever-decreasing circles and whimpered.

The diagnosis and repair probably took an hour, but with a good length of sunlight that day and a not-too-ambitious destination it didn’t matter. Pottsy’s DR and my KLR stodged along at sensible speeds, the coffee was good each time we stopped, Pottsy produced an excellent menu of tuna with mayo and corn followed by peaches or pears in strawberry jelly for lunch, and life was good. The forecast 42-degree temperature never happened, and that was good too.

It rained on and off on the way back, and things became a little uncomfortable vision-wise coming down Dorrigo mountain as darkness fell, but I did the righty and showed Pottsy where the slippery bits were. We arrived home in good shape and rapt at the day we’d had, and as far as I’m concerned that’s a big win.

Speaking of Chrissy presents, Pottsy received a cracker in the form of a personalised plate for the V-Strom. Check this out…

Hmm. I wonder if the whole Squirrel thing is taking over. I mean, there’s this on the DR, too…

And if I look up from my desk I can see another of the rodenty buggers on my bookshelf, a souvenir of the Great ANZAC Bikkie bake off a few years ago (a trophy which always brings me great memories of another fantastic ride with sensational people).

It was a great day’s riding and I really enjoyed it. Pottsy was open to the idea of a V-Strom/Dominator road run in the future sometime, so I’m looking forward to that too. If anyone has any ideas and dates for an overnighter somewhere, sing out. We’ll need a bit of notice, but it’d be great for anyone with a bike they don’t want to flog.

But that’s for another time.

For now, I hope everyone has a happy and holy Christmas, does heaps of riding, and generally enjoys some time off with no-one injured or booked on double demerits.

Next blog will be the last one for another year.





  1. merry xmas tom, got the wr back after dan worked his magic and wolfy cut a new grasstrack with some extra up’s and downs, late arvo friday grasstrack might have to fire up again, wolfy promises not to run into you if you bring the 125 out.Anyone else will know if they are invited or not.
    “while I ran around in ever-decreasing circles and whimpered”, bet you didn’t whimper as much as I did walking in circles when corner named, lost an hour or so there without realizing

  2. Can’t promise I won’t run into you, depends if you are in front

  3. There were a few other interesting bits that day as well. In typical longest day weather leaving Dorrigo on the was out, the fog was so think you could hardly see 20 meters, I can remember years ago wobbling along with zero visability and have Mick Crutch go flying by . When asked later how he could see where he was going he just said he didnt look at the road , just looked at his GPS , if it said the road went left , he went left etc. Been some crazy stuff over the years.
    Tom didnt mention the roo he nailed just past Ebor, the KLR stayed upright somehow, the roo didnt fare very well. I know it shook Tom up because it wasnt far from where he hit a roo years before but that one put him in hospital. So it was a steady ride for a while till we got out to Gulf creek Rd where the KLR found the throttle stop again a few times till more roos tried to take us out. Then there was the kamakarzi cows and sheep that had it in for us all day.
    It was a great day out , as it is every year. And I’m thinking next year of wobbling out all the way to the corner again , this trip reminded me of how much fun it is doing the true longest day ride.
    Thanks Tom for all those years ago dreaming up the idea and working out thr route

  4. Well done lads, FYI two local lads are about to follow the Dakar Rally. Gordon Northam ( see Facebook) & Craig Parry shipped their bikes to Vancouver months ago & rode up to Alaska before heading south thru Canada,USA & continued past Panama & down the coast of South America.Riding Honda 650xrs.
    Hope you all had a good xmas & the new year is kind to you.

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