Blog: January 8. A good start

Evening all.

It’s a scorching hot Sunday arvo and I’ve had a pretty good week, I have to say.

First up I blew the dust off the Dominator and went for a quiet road ride with Dean Anthony and Secret-Squirrel Pottsy. It was an absolutely premium day – except Pottsy made us ride on some dirt I think there might’ve been a speck of dust on the Dominator.

We dawdled up through Dorrigo, stopping for coffee and a sausage roll at Juan’s, or whatever Juan’s is called these days, and Pottsy had a healthy breakfast…

Then we made our leisurely way out through Tyringham and Hernani to arrive at a couple of lookouts whose names I can’t remember.

The best thing is, it doesn’t matter that I don’t remember! Awesome!

From there we cruised on back to Dorrigo in a leisurely and orderly manner, consumed more coffee, then trundled home.

That was an excellent Tuesday.

Since then I’ve had a couple of quiet rides into town on my roadbike, and I really enjoy that, especially when it’s hot.

Today, of course, it was seriously hot by coastal standards. I fitted a new GPS to the road bike so had to do a few hours tooling about trying to sort out the menu and how the thing worked.

It’s a TomTom, and I’ve never had one before, so it’s taking a little time to understand. TomTom sent it for evaluation, so once I start to understand how it works I’ll move it to the KLR and give it a serious run. It’s an awesome bit of gear on a roadbike, though. You can punch in where you want to go, then, there’s a button that’s a picture of some mountains. If you hit that the GPS will take you the windingest way it can to get to the destination.

Its brilliant!

On a more serious note, Cousin Matthew has fired in a great story and some pics, so when you’re finished here, have a look for it and give it a read. It’s a good’n.

The Dakar TV highlights are on SBS shortly! Gotta go!


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