Blog: January 29. Bad news

A fatality is a sad thing no matter who’s involved, but when it’s a rider it seems a little close.

In this case I expect everyone would be aware of Damon Stokie’s fatal accident competing in the Deep Well enduro near Alice Springs on Saturday. Stokie won Finke in 2017 and must’ve been a fast and determined rider. I didn’t know him, but it still leaves me feeling sad. I’ve used Yamaha Motor Australia’s pic of Damon, but I’m sure they won’t mind in this case.

There’s not a lot else to talk about for me this week. Ramdog Dave and Karen Ramsay have been leading another ride, and from what I see on Facebook it was another winner. The inclusion of pool noodles seems to have caught everyone’s attention, and I admit I had a laugh when I saw the pics of Dave with pool noodles threaded through his folding chair floating in the river.

You can stay in touch with Dave and his crew on Facebook. Look for ‘Northern Rivers Adventure Riders’.

I did get out for a short ride on the Honda on Friday afternoon, and on the Yamaha yesterday, but as I didn’t leave the bitumen on either bike I don’t expect it’ll very interesting for everyone (even though I seriously had a ball).

Hopefully a more cheerful blog next week.





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