Blog: February 5. Good to see some rain

I hope everyone’s been out taking advantage of the rain to enjoy a little dust-free riding.

The KLR is having its blubbering problem sorted. Dan Vaughan picked a partially blocked main jet as the cause. That would certainly cause the problem, and of course I didn’t think of it myself. Dan listened patiently while I explained the problem, complete with my impersonations of flubbing engine noises and body position to show I was on uphills.

I must be pretty good at it, because Dan picked the problem without a second’s hesitation!

I also asked for the sidestand cutout switch to be repaired. Pottsy and I cut and bypassed the switch when the bike wouldn’t start on the way to Narrabri. The cover had been smashed off by a rock or some kind of debris, so we assumed that was the problem.

Okay. I best tell the truth.

I had no idea why the bike wouldn’t start. Pottsy ran a patient eye over the bike, pointed at the sidestand switch with the broken cover hanging of it and said, “Look.”

But I was there, so that means ‘we’ spotted it.

I admit I’m keen to get the KLR back. I know it’s a scruffy old carthorse of a bike, but I really enjoy it. And it’s getting really comfortable. Things are starting to fall into place with that bike. My latest purchase is a pair of road-race-style lever protectors – like the ones the road-race guys use from the ends of their ‘bars. I’d run Barkbusters, but I can’t get them to fit between the tall dash/screen and the ‘bars when the ‘bars are where I like them, and in Winter the Oxford muffs I like so much press back against the levers at speed. It makes the front brake drag and sometimes the clutch slip as well. I’m hoping these fittings will stop the muffs hitting the levers.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

When the KLR’s sorted I’ve organised to swap it for the Yamaha. It needs some maintenance, so it’s next.

Geez. Is there ever a time where the bikes are all running well?

Marty HC dropped in this week to show the published stories from his NZ ride, and I have to say, the pics are impressive. His new camera, and no doubt some serious practice and experience have really lifted his photography. One of the magazines was Australasian Dirt Bike and the other was a Kiwi version of Bike Trader. Have a look if you can.

My year’s starting fill fast and there are some great rides coming up. The next one on the calendar at the moment is the Ural, but there’s a good chance I’ll get a blast on the 2018 Triumphs before then. I have my fingers crossed that will this week. Wilko will be shooting the pics for that one, so that makes it a winner of a few days all around.





  1. Ok squirrels going to have a crack at where the pic of the ducati is , its sort of a competitive thing boris and squirrel have going , im going to say about Coldwater creek rd behind Nana Glen , about 2km from the top

  2. could it be the start of battery rd from launch a couple of years ago, could be an old photo

  3. The KLR seems to be too big a problem for you. I suggest giving it to me so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Cheers

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