Blog: March 5. I like the SWMs.

Hey-up everyone.

In the middle of the crisis that’s my work at the moment, I shot down to Sydney for a quick blast on an SWM RS500R.

The bike is an ex-media test bike that had been shopped around several magazines. SWM dealer MRD Motorcycles at North Richmond bought the bike and owner Mark – who’s very handy getting a bike to perform – set about turning the 500cc four-stroke enduro bike into a user-friendly adventure/trail bike. SWM thought I might find the bike interesting.

Added to the fun of riding a bike like that was SWM’s man Bob Walters. He’s a very capable rider and a really nice bloke. We get on well.

Bob’s coming back from injury, but he managed to set a respectable pace as we blasted around through the Blue Mountains. We had a ball.

I had this idea for Bob to ride the bike up a shitty-looking bacteria-infested puddle I found for a pic. Bob played the ‘recovering-from-injury’ card, and I’m the last person to argue. I’ve had to play that card far too often myself.

But it looked like a falling-in-the-shit-water pic opportunity that was just too good to miss, so Bob grabbed the point-and-shoot and I punted on in there. And stalled.

Fortunately the bottom wasn’t too slippery and I managed to stay upright. The only price paid was some water in a boot. Even that was minimal, because the Formas are pretty good as long as the water isn’t deeper than the top of the boot.

So I got off pretty much scott free.

We thought it was hilarious, though, and laughed all the way to the coffee shop. It was a very pleasant day’s ride.

This week I’m riding the 2018 Triumph Tiger 800XRT.

That’s the 70/30 road version, and I had the 2016 model for while. It was a fantastic bike, especially for grinding away footpegs on Dorrigo mountain. That actually got a expensive. In any case, I’m looking forward to climbing on this one. It’ll be another very short ride because there’s just too much pressure from work at the moment. Wilko is going to shoot the pics, so no matter how gumby I look, the pics will be awesome.

Pretty much as soon as I climb off the Triumph it’ll be time to get ready for the BMW Safari and then the release of the SWM Superdual.

Does it ever stop? I hope not.

I’ve been slow to post a story of Ramdog Dave Ramsay’s last ride. Dave sent images and words and every time I’ve gone to post it something’s come up from work needing immediate attention. I’ll post it as soon as I’ve finished this. It looks like it was a great ride.


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