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This isn’t strictly an Australian post, but it’s such an exciting opportunity I’m going to post it anyway, and chances are Aussie dualsporters are just as open to an amazing overseas ride as everyone else is.

Corey at Bolivia Bound runs bike tours in South America – based in Bolivia – and it’s like a fantasy world to ride there. It’s incredible. Within a few hours you can go from the thin air and sub-zero temperatures of the Andes to the tropical sweat and wonder of the Amazon. It’s difficult to put into words what it’s like to ride through that continent. Every day is like a movie set and mountains and jungle are incredible.

Bolivia Bound has bikes for hire, so Aussies can head over there with a minimum of fuss.

Wheelying on a salt plain, obviously, but not info was supplied on where or why. Nice pic, but.

Wheelying on a salt plain, obviously, but no info was supplied on where or why. Nice pic, but.

Here’s what Corey and his crew have coming up…

Kiwi owned and operated Bolivia Bound Motorcycle Adventures is at it again with a couple of seriously tempting motorcycle tours to kick off the year.  Says Cory Rowden, Bolivia Bound owner, “Late last year we completed a recce of an all new tour called Salt & Che which sought to follow Che Guevara’s steps in Bolivia.  What an incredible trip this turned out to be!  So much so that Salt & Che has become a permanent feature on our tour calendar.  The history of Che’s time in Bolivia is fascinating and combined with some of the best adventure riding in the world – well it doesn’t get much better.  How about joining us for our 2013 Salt & Che tour – April 1-10th?

“You’ll need to be a full on adventure rider to join the other tour on offer in the early part of the year – a recce of a new Amazon Rainforest route.  Says Cory “One of the things we really enjoy doing is checking out new routes and planning new tours.  It certainly ups the ante adventure-wise and this trip into the Amazon will be our most ambitious yet.  The plan is to spend 14 days riding and rafting our way from one side of Bolivia to the other, crossing the Amazon Rainforest and Amazon plains.  The riding, scenery and wildlife will be amazing.  We’d love for a few capable, adventure ready riders to join us.  This tour is called “Amazon Ambush” and kicks off May 1st.”

Looking down on the Amazon rainforest.

Looking down on the Amazon rainforest.

If you are interested in joining Bolivia Bound for one of these great tours contact Cory directly at cory@boliviabound.net


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  1. Hey thats me in that Wheelie pic on the salt lake.
    Did a dakar Tour with Corey in January. Didnt go quite to plan but we had a great time anyway.
    Corey is a great bloke.

    You can read all about our tour here.


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