Blog: March 12. I do enjoy a Triumph

It’s been a hectic week. Probably not as hectic as last week, but busy enough.

I got to ride the 2018 Triumph Tiger 1200XRT this week, and it sure is a bike-and-a-half.

Keeping in mind my unashamed love of Triumph triples, this one was exceptional. Even allowing that Wilko’s photography would make pretty much any bike look good, this one is a standout.

The photo session was an especially good one. It was pouring rain for most of it, and I doubt I would’ve managed to get a single shot if I’d been on the camera. Wilko patiently unfolded his umbrella and juggled it while he did his magic. I’m pretty sure he won’t mind me running a couple of the images here.

As always with Wilko, he had an ice creamery in mind, and that made for a very welcome stop halfway through the arvo. The other things that always happens when Wilko’s on the camera is we have a great time, and sometimes things get away a little. In this case there was a lot of chat about what type of riding a bike like the XRT was meant to do. The alloy wheels and road tyres were a fairly strong indication of what the bike was designed for.

After a cappucino and some giggling, we got pics like these…

That was a lot of fun, and there was one particular shot where things almost got out of hand and Wilko hide to do a quick sidestep.

After that we got all professional and responsible and went back to hooning along the road at insane speeds trying out the quickshifter and various rider modes. The XRT has 140hp in street trim, so it was a lively afternoon.

I was out mowing yesterday – which pretty much takes the whole weekend for me this time of year – when Nigel Locke pulled up on his Husky to explain he was on a recce ride. Ramdog Dave Ramsay and Karen are coming down for a ride next weekend. I’m not sure whether the ride’s open to all comers or not, but if you’re interested give Nige a call. If you don’t know him well enough to have his number, you’re not invited.

I won’t be there, unfortunately. But don’t feel too sad for me. I’ll be on a 2018 BMW Rallye X scooting around with a dirty big grin on my face. I do like the Rallye X. That’ll be a tough weekend (not).

More next week.




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  1. I think the look on your face in those photos pretty much says it all haha.

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