Blog: March 25. SWM Superdual

I’m jumping in early this week because I have a bit going on and I doubt I’ll be anywhere near a computer for the next few days. Craig Murcott and a group of XRs just went past on their way to a three-day ride. Normally I’d be jealous about that…no wait…I am jealous about that.

I’m not as jealous as usual though, because I’ve been in Victoria riding the new SWM Superdual X.

Or Superdual T. I can’t remember which model, and I can’t check my notes because my notes are in my luggage and Qantas lost my gearbag. Again.

Hooray for air travel. It has been found and is due to arrive here by courier some time today. Hopefully. Probably.

I arrived home last night after a great few days riding in and around Mt Buller with a small group of Aussie motorcycle journalists, most of whom I’ve known for a long time. The weather was glorious and the bike is basically a good’n, so it was a nice trip. Ex-Trailrider magazine editor Stephen Tuff was running the show. He now works for Mojo Motorcycles, the importer of SWM, and any time Tuffy’s on a ride you can be guaranteed there’ll be a lot of laughing and carrying on. In this case, he was accompanied by Dirt Action‘s Damian Ashenhurst and i-Kapture’s Greg Smith, two very competent blokes who can find humour in almost any situation and always seemed determined to enjoy themselves, so there was more giggling and deeply thought-out humour than I’ve enjoyed for a long time.

I didn’t shoot many pics, because when there’s someone like Greg Smith available, I make sure I take advantage of it.

I did shoot a few happy snaps when I saw something I thought was worth capturing. I asked Damo to stand by his bike while I grabbed a scenery shot, and this is what I got…

According to Damo it showed the ‘sexy, mysterious and physical side’ of a hard day’s riding.

Victoria’s hard to beat when the weather’s good, and it was near perfect for this ride. We spent nearly as much time standing around in the clear mountain air and gazing across the alps as we did riding.

The bike is an excellent dualsporter with an unbelievable range of accessories included in the standard package at a red-hot price, and I hope it does well.

That’ll have to do for this week. I have a lot to do today and only today to get it done.



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  1. Hello my name is Allan I have a 2017 swm super duel great bike so far I have changed the complete front end on the bike I have put 48 kyb forks set up by teckniks 21 inch billet rim and billet hub the bike is so good now we are heading of on an 11000 k ride in august to the west side of the gulf and across the savana way to Port Douglas and zig zaging back home to Nowra nsw it will be a really good test for the bike I think it will go really well I normally my 990 adventurer witch I love but I think the swm will perform well

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