Blog: April 2. Nigel Locke’s ride

Yaaaaaawn. Today is the last day of 10 holidays for me. Genuine holidays. Not a trip away where I covered a bike event and had a day or two to spare, but 10 days with no camera, no bikes, and, for a lot of it, no computer. It was great, too. I don’t know that I’ve ever had 10 full days like that in my working life. I’ve always seemed to at least spend time at a computer fiddling about with copy or ideas or looking at pics. I’ve been thrashing about on my kayak and doing a bit of sightseeing in Victoria and not much else.

But it’s time to get back on the pace.

A couple of weekends ago Nige Locke ran a ride in the Coffs/Bellingen area and I remember saying something about seeing Dave Ramsay in a ute with bikes on the back. Dave’s sent a few words and pics about the ride, so I’ll share that for this week’s blog.

Dave’s in Nepal, by the way. He and wife Karen have taken on the ultimate adventure and headed overseas to tackle a big tour without a guide or tour support. I tip my hat to them. It can be very confronting.

Here’s what Dave had to say…

‘We’ve been pretty busy tiding up work jobs and packing for our next big adventure: five weeks in Nepal. HU meetings are contagious! Nigel and Lianni hosted a few of us from up north for a fabulous weekend of great trails, good tucker and excellent company. Got to ride a few new tracks we hadn’t been on and definitely some steeper hills. All good prep for our next adventure.

Plenty of group rides are being planned for up our way later in the year so hope to see a few more Coffs folk come up.

‘We’ll catch up once we get home.



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