Blog: April 9. Cousin Matthew checks in

Evenin’ all.

It’s late Sunday arvo and although I haven’t done much myself this week, it seems I’m the only one.

I took BMW’s Rallye X GSA down to Rock Motorcycles for a service and new rear tyre, so I rode my cherished Dominator to Craig Murcott’s and rode back on the Beemer. Now THAT’s what I call a contrast. The difference between $30,000 worth of current BMW and a few thou’s worth of 1995 Honda soft-roader is pretty fricken remarkable, I can tell you, especially at night. The lighting on the Dominator is…well…shithouse. The lighting on the BMW makes high-beam on my van look like the glow from a bad bruise. It’s incredible. 145 horsepower and six riding modes feels a bit different to the Dominator’s one riding mode and maybe 30 horsepower.

For all that the Honda is still my bike. Every time I ride it I come away filled with joy.

It was funny to see Craig when I rolled it into his shed. He did all the work on bringing the bike up to spec for retirement, and he was a bit nonplussed at patches of the engine missing some paint. He wanted to jump in ‘fix’ it while it was there. I managed to convince him to wait a year or two and I’d give him the bike for ‘The Full Treatment’ again. He brightened up considerably at that. He loves giving bikes The Full Treatment.

Back to everyone else who seems to be out riding while I’m at my desk.

Cousin Matthew was first, texting me a couple of pics and explaining: ‘Having a bit of fun on the Easter break.’

Then he sent an email saying…

‘Hi Tom,
‘I know you don’t normally push products on Dualsport Australia, but I’m currently trying out this FOG STOP I purchased from Rocky Creek Designs.

‘You read and hear about all different ways of defogging your helmet and let’s face it they rarely work. So far as to say FOG STOP actually works, I had a little fogging around the outer edge of my screen but it cleared very quickly, making for a much more enjoyable safe ride.

‘Previously I found it impossible to keep the screen clear of fog. It says you can apply to your glasses but I’m yet to try this.

‘I thought other riders who where (like me) unsure about it can be assured it’s a good product.

‘Matthew Foster’

Seeing as the recommendation come from Cousin Matthew, not me, I’m happy to pass it on.

It’s no secret I hold Janice and Greg from Rocky Creek Designs in high regard and I use a lot of their product. I have a container of FOG STOP here to try this Winter. I bet it’s good gear.

The others who’ve been out riding include Dave and Karen Ramsay who, judging by their Facebook posts, are having a great time in Nepal. Good on them.

Finally, a big group of riders went past my house this morning. It looked like more than a dozen being led by a V-strom. I didn’t get a good look, but I don’t think it was Pottsy. Whoever it was gave a heap of big long blasts on the horn and big wave, as did a few in the group, which I think was probably road-oriented dualsporters, mostly.

Whoever you were, cheers! I love seeing people enjoy that road at the front of my place, especially on a day as good as today.

I have a bit of riding on myself this week, so I’ll have something to show and write about next week.



PS: MotoGP tonight. Miller’s on pole with one of the craziest qualifying laps of recent times. Wild! TF


  1. The last 2 blogs? Are we having March again with no April? Or is the year just going too fast for you?? lol

  2. The year’s going WAY too fast for me!



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