Blog: April 23. A week off

It’s Saturday morning early, and I won’t be able to get to a computer for the next few days, so rather than leave you all guessing I’ll just say, “Hi!” and catch up next week.

Karen and Dave Ramsay, along with Meg Lees, look to be having a ball in Nepal. Despite the difficulty of internet access in the Himalayas, and the hopeless unreliability of that internet when they found it, Karen still managed to fire in a magazine column. Not just a column, but some great images as well. She’s awesome.

Closer to home Marty HC’s ride went well, but not without a few hiccups – hiccups make for the best stories. He posted some bits and pieces on Facebook and it looked as though they had a good time…mostly.

Finally this week, from what I can gather from my dodgy internet translations, Toby Price finished sixth in the Africa Rallye in Morocco. It looks like Joan Barreda won it – which is not bad for bloke with a girl’s name – on a Honda. Keven Benavides, also on a Honda, took second and Pablo Qintanilla third on a Husky.

Toby was first KTM home.

I’ll be with Toby for the next few days, so I’ll get the inside info.

Today’s pic…

…is from 2010. I was lucky enough to get to East Timor – Timor Leste – for a few days. I did some sensational trail riding, rode a crazy motocross, met the president and got to have a look over his mutlicoloured Mini Moke and picked up and intestinal bug that knocked me around for about six months.

It was an amazing ride, that one. When I see the pics I still shake my head and wonder how I’ve been so lucky. The places I’ve ridden and the bikes and people I’ve met…amazing.

More next week.


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