Blog: May 7. Just workin’

It’s been another week with no riding.

No riding for me, that it. I see the Ramsays and Meg Lees are still gallivanting around Nepal – although I think they must be very close to homeward bound.

After my own week of gallivanting in Victoria two weeks ago, I spent this past week frantically trying to catch up. I had to spend three days in Sydney finishing things off, so here I am at last, back to Square One and ready to do it all again.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any work this weekend. I didn’t even unpack the laptop when I returned from Sydney on Friday night. I had a heap of domestic bits and pieces which I’d let slide and had to attend to yesterday, but today, bright and early, I threw open the shed door and nearly burst in anticipation of a full, leisurely morning on the Dominator. Pottsy and I have been discussing a road ride we’d like to try next month, and I thought I’d go recce some of the options.

My hopes were dashed when the Honda had a flat battery.

I start the bikes every day because they don’t get ridden much and I like to be sure there’s plenty of oil on the moving internal engine parts, and the Honda had come up short with a flat battery a week or so ago. I charged it and it was starting fine. But after three days in the shed it’s flat again.

I guess I’m up for a new battery again. I only put a new one in about…ooo…not I think about it…maybe five years ago. Sitting for long periods is always a bit iffy on bikes.

Don’t fret, though. I took the Yamaha instead and still had a very nice time.

And now here I am, with not much to tell.

More next week!



PS: Today’s pic is from the Nolan Ride in 2007. It used to be the Eildon Nav Rally, and was huge. It didn’t seem to hit the heights after relocating it and renaming it, but it was a great ride. That part of Victoria is sensational. TF

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