Blog. Feb 26. Flooded out.

Photo on 2013-02-26 at 12.49Just a very quick note to let everyone know I’ve had a bit of a problem with storms and rain last weekend. I’m sitting in the back of my van with mobile internet waiting for the internet to be restored at home.

It was a wild and woolly few days, you can bet, but thanks to the help of some very good friends during the really tight going, the damage will be minimised. Craig Murcott grabbed a handful of bikes and got them dried out and started, Marty Hardcore dropped in and made sure we knew we had a pair of willing hands and somewhere else to park bikes if needed, and the amazing Koppmann family at Bonville took us in and gave us somewhere to live for a few days – which also allowed young Tom Koppmann to cut sick on the Monty trials pushy after we watched a few Danny Macaskill clips to show him what it was all about.

Right now I’m in the back of the HiAce trying to keep my livelihood ticking over until I can sit at my desk and get to work again, so if you guys can just hang in there with me, I’ll answer those e-mails and get the Cameron Corner updates going and soon as I can.


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