Blog: May 28. New Triumphs and Suzuki V-Strom

It’s still Monday morning so I’m not late.

I’ve been riding the 2018 Triumphs – the XRT800 and XRT1200, and the XCA1200 and XCA800 – and spent a couple of days on a Suzuki adventure ride in Lithgow and Bathurst.

The Tigers are even better this year. They’re slimmer, lighter, loaded with electronics and completely awesome. The media release was a blast with a great batch of riders and Triumph staff. Suzuki booked an AirB&B so we had the place to oursleves. It included a small, private cinema, and we nearly tore the place apart when they screened On Any Sunday while the caterers delivered sensational food.

The Suzuki ride was a really nice couple of days on a 2018 V-Strom 650. I was surprised at some of the industry names who showed up. I was surprised because they weren’t there to cover the event, but just for the ride. There were 60 starters, and a surprisingly large number of 650 singles. The ride was open to all brands, and there was everything from KTMs to Hondas and Triumphs, and Suzuki ambassador Shawn Giles set a couple of great loops around his home area.

That’ll have to do you at the moment. I’ve only just walked in the door and I have a heap of images to download and sort and a stack of catching up to do. I’ll try and upload a few more pics and details when I get my desk clear.

It might be a while.


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