Blog: June 3. Coff City Moto shop ride

I’ve been at my desk trying to catch up all week, but this morning I dragged the Yamaha out of the shed and headed in to Coffs City Moto, just off Englands Road, for a road ride.

I’m keen to support dealerships who run rides. It’s a big service to riders, plenty of whom probably aren’t even customers. I especially applaud Coffs City Moto for there being no charge or marketing spiel. It was just a time a place for riders to meet, look at and talk about each other’s bikes and go for a ride, guided by the employees of the dealership. I loved the atmosphere. I have a sensational job, and I know it,  but the overwhelming majority of rides I do come with some amount of pressure. Either it’s the tension of the adventure side of things and whether I’ll make it through the ride, or just the pressure of having to make sure, no matter what, I get the story and pics. Some of that always goes for the other riders as well.

On this morning there was none of that. Everyone was looking forward to ride, lunch at Bellbrook, and some socialising. No-one seemed to have a care in the world…except whether or not it would be raining south of town (it was). It was fabulous to see such a big range of bikes and riders. I saw an SL230, sports bikes, cruisers, LAMS bikes, Japanese bikes, Euro bikes, singles, twins, multis…just about everything short of a trials bike. This beast must’ve been near the top of the food chain.

Better still there were heaps of different riders, too. Young riders, girls, cranky old blokes and pillions, and a coffee cart to keep everyone happy until the ride started.

There were a few familiar faces there, of course. It was great to see Dino Fizzywater again, and the sticker on the rear of his 1290 cracked me up. I’m not sure why it made me laugh so hard, but it did…

Speaking of riders with an association with animals…

Yes, Pottsy was there, along with ride leader Gav ‘Men’s Elf’ Gill. I don’t know why they were holding hands. I thought it best not to ask.

My favourite bike was a 1997 Harley Sportster.

I don’t know why that particular bike grabbed me so much, but it did. It looked to be incredibly simple and was beautifully presented. It was only a year older than my Yamaha, but unlike my 650, it looked to be beautifully maintained and cared for. I didn’t get a chance to grab the rider until we were riding out, so although she was able to give me the model year, I didn’t get a name. There was a lot of engine noise by that stage and I had my earplugs in.

I still had a lot to do at my desk, so I didn’t stick with the ride. I followed an XT660R as far as home and then had to bail. That was an interesting experience, too. I guess there were 50 or 60 bikes in the pack, and although we were spread out, I tried to give heaps of warning for a right turn into my driveway. I hit the blinker and gave a hand signal to show I was turning right. The bike behind me misinterpreted and thought I was signalling for him/her to go around me. I was glad I was being watchful or I would’ve turned straight in front of him…or her…as they flew past hard on the throttle.

Whatever. It didn’t happen so it doesn’t matter. For a change it was me in the group riding past my window.

Round three of Trial GP is happening today in Japan and I’m busting to see the result. Toni Bou not only didn’t win round two yesterday, he didn’t even finish on the podium.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

So I’m keen to see what happened today.

Tonight, of course, is MotoGP, and for the first time in a very long time, Rossi is on pole. Lorenzo is right on his clacker in second and Vinales fills the front row.

What a great weekend of motorcycling!



  1. Good to see you Tom, We had a dry ride all the way with a hearty meal at Bellbrook. Such a mixed bunch of riders & everyone was enjoying the low stress ride.One young bloke had a tip over just after leaving Bellbrook, bike a bit scratched up but he had a full complement of gear on & didn’t get a scratch. Good to see.Soc checked over the bike & off he went(right foot on the pillion peg as the footpeg was gone).

  2. Haha that was my XT660R it was an amazing ride can’t wait for the next one

  3. Me too! Maybe I’ll have the Dominator for the next one.

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