Pottsy’s mid-week ride

I got a day off work out of the blue. So as you do, I went for a wobble, working out ways to link up the old highway south of Coffs to Kempsey in preparation for a ride Tom and I are planning.

It was a tough job wobbling about in the sunshine on back roads and lanes, but l managed to link up some nice stuff all the way to Kempsey without backtracking too much. But as I’d never been to Crescent Head or Point Plomer, and the day was still young, the V-Strom led me on a great loop on farm laneways and cow tracks along the rivers and canals to Crescent Head.

Once at Point Plomer I remembered something about a sand track along the coast to Port Macquarie. The ‘4×4 only’ sign at the start only confirmed the decision to give it a go was a good one, regardless of a set of worn-out road tyres on the ‘Strom and the low-fuel light flashing.

What a great track!  Yes, a V-Strom might not be the best bike for sand whoops, but it was great fun, lots of laughs, paddling with the legs, lots of thinking, ‘Maybe this was not the smartest idea by myself,’ which made me laugh even harder.

But just when I thought I was the most stupid person there that day , I came across a Corolla hire car stuck in the longest, deepest, most whooped-out, rutted patch of sand on the whole track, complete with two young backpackers from New Zealand trying to dig it out with their hands.

Well, challenge accepted.

An hour later we’d dug out about a tonne of sand and stuffed every bit of wood and Ti-tree branch we could find under the tyres. The young lads decided a squirrel was the best option to pilot the Corolla in reverse out of the sand – another confirmation I wasn’t the stupidest one there that day.

So with the young fellas pushing and the rev limiter getting a workout, somehow the Corolla shot backwards as only a hire car can. Then suddenly one back wheel hit a huge rut and spun the car 180 degrees, perfectly facing it back the right direction to drive out. Of course I got out and claimed I did it on purpose, and explained that’s how we do it here in Australia.

With only fumes left in the tank I boarded the ferry over the river into Port Macquarie. I was smiling at how I can turn a simple short ride into a fun, full day of adventure and to places far away from the original plan.

With this in mind it’ll be interesting who volunteers to come on this ride when we set a date!

It’s supposed to be adventure riding, I guess. I always seem to have good adventures.

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