Blog: June 10. Got the wog

It’s Monday morning and a glorious day outside, but I’m at my desk sniffling and coughing and being as pathetic as I can in the hope of some sympathy. At this stage it’s just a cold, but the dreaded Man Flu could be just around the corner. You never can tell. Those germs are frigging sneaky.

Finke is the big news this weekend, and Toby Price is having another crack at his self-styled ‘Ironman’. He’s competing in both his trophy truck and on his bike. Yesterday he started fourth in the truck and finished second at Finke. He also started first on the bike and finished in the same position.

So today is going to be interesting to watch.

I’ve met Toby a few times over the years, and he’s a down-to-earth sort of bloke. I cracked up when I saw the TV interview he gave after the race yesterday. He was in an ice bath in a wheely-bin. I went to try and get a sceengrab to show, but now I can’t find it. That’s Facebook for you.

Bellingen local Brett Timms celebrated turning 50 by fulfilling a lifelong dream and competing in Finke this year. Brett is about as nice a bloke as anyone could possibly imagine and he did a lot of preparation. His aim was solely to finish. He started from the second-last row on his TT-R, and I see he’s listed as a DNF. I hope he’s okay.

I haven’t been on a bike this week, but I was out paddling my kayak yesterday and there were a heap of kayaks all over the river. They were all long, slender boats with numbers, so there was obviously a race on. I thrashed along in my Safari H2O fishing kayak, having a great time, but looking fairly stolid and slow compared to the the fast guys. Then a marshall in a tinny whisked past and yelled, “You need a slimmer boat!”

That was fair enough, but when I went out to dinner that night, a familiar face bailed me up in the club and asked if I’d thought about a slimmer boat.

It was Mike Mills-Thom, Australian ISDE teamster in the 1980s! I knew Mike had been very successful in competitive canoeing or kayaking after he finished serious bike racing and I guessed he was now helping out running races. He admitted, with great humility, that he still held a current would championship, but that he likes to help organise events, too.

He sure looked fit. I crammed another handful of chips into my face and swigged my Coke as he introduced me to everyone.

I’m set for a quiet day watching how Finke unfolds and waiting for this cold to work its way out of my system.

Today’s pic is from the release of the BMW G450X back in 2007.

It was an interesting bike, but it never really caught on. I have to say, I enjoyed riding it, but it never felt like a race-ready winner to me (it did to my son). It was just a little too unique, if you know what I mean. Especially when the WR250F had been released at around the same time.


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